ROH Episode 352 Recap: Kenny King In Action, LIJ Vs. Bullet Club In 10-Man Tag

The Bullet Club's Cody, Adam Page, Marty Scurll, Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson are shown backstage. Nick says that tonight, LIJ has… Nick points to a sign that says "No Excuses" as Marty says it. Marty asks if they know what the J stands for in LIJ. Cody says Jokers. Matt says Jobbers. Marty says that Naito does job all the time. Nick says Juniors. Page says Jerks. Scurll claims that the J in LIJ stands for Jabronis. Matt questions if LIJ could sellout a 10,000 seater like they did in thirty f'n minutes. Matt says that Bullet Club is coming after them tonight.

Ian Riccaboni and Colt Cabana check in on commentary after the usual ROH signature video package. Chuckie T and Kenny King make their entrances.

Chuckie T vs. Kenny King

They lock up. King pushes Chuckie to the corner. They exchange wrist-locks. King locks in a headlock, Chuckie pushes King to the ropes. King hits a shoulder block on Chuckie. King eventually goes for the Royal Flush, Chuckie reverses it into a roll-up for a two count. Chuckie hits a Piledriver on King. Chuckie pins King for a two count. King escapes an Awful Waffle attempt by Chuckie. King ducks a clothesline attempt by Chuckie. King hits an Insiguri on Chuckie. King hits the Royal Flush on Chuckie.

Winner: Kenny King

Shane Taylor is in the ring. Taylor says that the fans are losers like Josh Woods and King Mo. Josh Woods makes his entrance.

Shane Taylor vs. Josh Woods

Woods kicks Taylor. Woods attempts a German Suplex, Taylor elbows him. Woods springboards from the second rope, Taylor catches him with an elbow strike. Woods eventually locks in a Rear Naked Choke on Taylor. Woods switches to a waist-lock. Woods hits a pair of German Suplexes on Taylor. Woods connects with a Running Knee Strike on Taylor in the corner. Woods drives his knee into Taylor several more times. Woods pushes the referee as he attempts to hold him back. Taylor hits a knockout strike on Woods. Taylor pins Woods for the win.

Winner: Shane Taylor

ROH World Champion Dalton Castle (with The Boys) makes his entrance. Castle joins the commentary team. Los Ingobernables de Japan's Evil, Sanada, Bushi, Hiromu Takahashi & Tetsuya Naito make their entrance. The Bullet Club's Marty Scurll, Adam Page, The Young Bucks (Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson) & Cody (with Bernard The Business Bear) make their entrances.

Los Ingobernables de Japan (Evil, Sanada, Bushi, Hiromu Takahashi & Tetsuya Naito) vs. The Bullet Club (Marty Scurll, Cody, Adam Page, Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson)

Naito starts the match with Page. Cody calls for a tag. Cody is tagged in. Naito spits on Cody. Cody strikes Naito. Naito sends Cody out of the ring. Naito teases a dive to the outside before striking a pose in the ring. Nick eventually blocks a Sunset Flip attempt on the apron to the outside by Takahashi. Bernard strikes Takahashi. Nick hits a moonsault on Takahashi from off the apron. Bushi spits mist into the eye of Bernard. Bushi ducks a clothesline attempt by Cody. Bushi gets out of the way of an umbrella shot from Scurll, causing Scurll to inadvertently strike Cody. Naito hits his Destino finisher on Scurll. Matt and Nick superkick Naito. Matt and Nick superkick Bushi. Nick superkicks Evil as Matt super kicks Sanada. Matt and Nick hit the Meltzer Driver on Bushi. Matt pins Bushi for the win.

Winners: The Bullet Club (Marty Scurll, Cody, Adam Page, Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson)

They hype Best In The World as the show comes to a close.


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