Roman Reigns On Turning Heel: "Aren't I Already A Heel? If I Get That Reaction, What's The Point?"

As noted, Roman Reigns conducted a media scrum during the recent WWE tour in Europe. Ahead of Sunday's WWE Money In The Bank pay-per-view, ESPN published more highlights from the session, which you can check out below:

If he should turn heel:

"It's a weird question because aren't I already a heel? If I garner that reaction, what's the point? It's already happening. If I'm already being booed, then why try to get booed?

"I have a great opportunity -- because I'm a gray-area guy -- to do a little bit of everything. I'm in a good place to do whatever I want and just play with this character and not just be a heel or a face -- I feel my character can be so much more than that."

The Usos reinventing themselves:

"They were tired of everything. They were ready for a change, they wanted more responsibility, and they wanted a bigger role," Reigns said. "What you've seen over the past few years, I've been seeing all my life. They really do have each other's back in every regard.

"I'm super proud of them. I'm excited to not only see where they go, but also where I go -- you never know. The story's there, it's easy. We all represent the same bloodline, we all represent the same family. It'd be pretty cool if, maybe one day, there was a Samoan 'Shield.'"

You can read the full article at ESPN by clicking here.


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