Ronda Rousey Pulled From Upcoming RAW, Bruce Prichard On Why Jeff Hardy Was Released In 2003, More

- Above is a clip from this week's episode of Something Else to Wrestle, featuring Bruce Prichard and Conrad Thompson discussing Jeff Hardy's WWE release in 2003. Prichard noted that Hardy had a drug problem "and all of a sudden, we had a different human being on our hands, and it wasn't someone that anyone liked to work with anymore." Prichard said that when Hardy would show up to work, he would often go and hide or leave again. Prichard said that Hardy admitted that he had a drug problem but didn't want to go to rehab, so the company decided to cut ties with him.

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- As noted, Ronda Rousey was scheduled for 7 dates during her storyline WWE 30-day suspension, 3 of which were RAW tapings. While Rousey is still scheduled for this Sunday's WWE live event in Anaheim, she has been pulled from this Monday's RAW in San Diego. Here is her updated schedule during her suspension:

* 6/24 - RAW live event in Anaheim, CA
* 7/6 - RAW live event in Philadelphia, PA
* 7/7 - RAW live event at MSG
* 7/8 - RAW live event in Bridgeport, CT
* 7/9 - Monday Night RAW in Boston, MA
* 7/16 - Monday Night RAW in Buffalo, NY


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