Several WWE Programs Included In Emmy Prelim Ballots

It is a rather long journey to actually get nominated for an Emmy Award. You must pass a couple different stages in the selection process first but it looks like a few WWE programs could be on their way to making the final nomination list.


The Emmy Prelim Ballot was recently released and it includes WWE programming in several categories. As we previously reported, WWE attended the For Your Consideration event and brought a lot of star power to the show. Not only did they have skits designed to entertain but they also brought a couple heavy-hitting programs to put up for a nomination.

The WWE Network's 24 Special "Empowered" is listed on the Prelim Ballot for Best Documentary or Non-Fiction Special. HBO and WWE Studio's joint project Andre The Giant is also in the same category.

WrestleMania 34 is getting some attention in the Outstanding Variety Special (Live) category. Both Raw and Mixed Match Challenge are also listed in the Emmy Prelim Ballot for Outstanding Structured Reality Program. The Unstructured Reality Program category includes some WWE representation in the form of both Total Divas and Total Bellas.


Only time will tell if those WWE programs actually make it into the small list of nominees for an Emmy Award, but it's certainly a good start to see them on the list at this point.

Source: Emmys