Shane Taylor On If He Would Like To Get To WWE, What "All In" Represents, Keith Lee Signing With WWE

ROH Star Shane Taylor spoke with the Wrestling Epicenter on "All In," if he wants to get to WWE, and Keith Lee signing with WWE. Here are the highlights:

Keith Lee signing with WWE:

"I am overjoyed for Keith. When he decided to sign on with EVOLVE, I told him I was proud of him then. He's been absolutely tearing the globe up going everywhere doing everything. I am incredibly proud of him. He's like a big brother to me. I can't wait to watch him on the Network and see the things that they do and that they accomplish."


If he wants a WWE run:

"I like what I'm doing. I have a lot of goals I want to reach in Ring of Honor and I don't want to go anywhere until those are completed. But, again, there are a million variables that go with that. Time, business, money, opportunity, my family – of course. Obviously, everybody wants to have those big stages, those big moments – WrestleMania moments. But for me, and I told this to Jay Briscoe, there is something very cool about being the guy that sticks with one company and puts that company on his back and says, "We're going to go as far as I can take you." For me, there is something very, very cool about that. One of my goals, whether I stay there my entire career or not, is that people look back at my era in Ring of Honor – with all the talent that we have – and go 'That was Shane Taylor's era. That was my era!' That's something I work hard for everyday."


His thoughts about "All In":

"I think what "All In" does, and what Bullet Club does by proxy, is they present a very DIY punk rock style. They represent that sort of counter-culture to other promotions. People gravitate towards them because they feel like they're the outcasts, they're the rebels. They're the guys who do things by their own rules. People can get behind that. When you have something like that, when you have a movement like that and you are able to capitalize like that, I want to say 10,000 seats sold in under 30 minutes? I want to say we were in Chicago, the last stop of the War of the Worlds tour, when they found out. I went up to all of them and congratulated them because that's awesome! To stick your neck out like that and to have it pay off like that only means better things for wrestling, better things for them, and better things for ROH!"

Taylor also discussed his time in ROH and his favorites growing up. You can check out the full interview in the video above or more highlights by clicking here.