Shinsuke Nakamura On What The Wrestlers Think Of Roman Reigns

Shinsuka Nakamura was interviewed by Lillian Garcia at the Ace Comic Con, and was asked about who he would like to face next. Nakamura stated that he does not know about who to face next, but he did not hesitate to say that he wanted to have a one-on-one match with Roman Reigns.


"I really want to face Roman Reigns again," said Nakamura. "So, we wrestled at the Royal Rumble, just like a short moment."

At the Royal Rumble, Nakamura entered at number 14, and lasted nearly 45 minutes to the very end. He eliminated Sami Zayn and John Cena, before eliminating Reigns to win the match. Reigns entered at number 28, before getting eliminated by Nakamura and becoming the Royal Rumble runner-up once again. Before Reigns was eliminated, he was able to eliminate Seth Rollins, Titus O'Neil, Randy Orton, and The Miz.

Interestingly, when he said Roman Reigns, the audience jeered his decision. However, Nakamura doubled down on his response, stating that fans may boo him, but all the wrestlers he has competed with have highly acclaimed his in-ring work.


"Everybody want to boo him, but every wrestler says that Roman is a good wrestler," said Nakamura. When he stated this fact, members of the audience then began to give a round of applause.

As a result of his short encounter with Reigns, along with the backstage reaction to his in-ring work, Nakamura stated, "I want to feel it," and would like to start a program with The Big Dog.

Currently, Nakamura is in a feud with United States Champion Jeff Hardy, after a feud with AJ Styles which lasted several months. Nakamura won the Royal Rumble in January, and immediately challenged Styles for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania. Nakamura lost in New Orleans, and turned heel following the match. The two competed several times after their WrestleMania match, with matches on SmackDown Live, Backlash, and Money in the Bank. Unfortunately, he was unable to claim the WWE Championship, and now has a chance to become U.S. Champion.

Source: Ace Comic Con