Stephanie McMahon Campaigns For Emmy, Vince McMahon, WWE Looks At Sasha Banks Getting A Song

- Above is a look back to June of 2008 when Vince McMahon gave away $1 million over the course of three weeks on Raw. The video runs through some of the hiccups along the way, like Vince hanging up on people by mistake.

- As noted, Sasha Banks received a song about her called "Song for Sasha Banks" by the Mountain Goats as requested by Banks back in 2015 on Twitter. WWE spoke with the group's lead singer, John Darnielle, about the process and how her fans would continue to remind of him he had a song to write.

"Her fans were stoked at the idea," Darnielle said. "Over the past couple of years, they'd keep saying, 'Hey, where's the Sasha Banks song?' And then somebody brought it up in an interview, and I loved having this 'You have an assignment you haven't finished.'"

- Earlier this month WWE held a "For Your Consideration" event in North Hollywood for a 2018 Emmy Awards nomination and things are looking up as WWE currently has a number of shows - including WrestleMania 34 - included in the Emmy Prelim Ballot. Stephanie McMahon has been continuing the campaign by asking fans to RT some of her tweets in support of getting Raw and the Mixed Match Challenge seen by the award committee.


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