Steve Austin And DDP Talk Working With Booker T In WCW

WWE Hall Of Famer 'Diamond' Dallas Page recently stopped by 317 Gimmick Street for a conversation with his longtime friend, Steve Austin, on The Steve Austin Show. Among many other things, Page and Austin talked about their fellow WWE Hall Of Famer Booker T. Page discussed Booker's great attitude and inspirational story. Austin shared a couple of stories about working with the five time, five time, five time champ.

According to Page, who is very close personal friends with Booker T to this day, shared on the podcast that he became tight with Booker when the former Harlem Heat member had the GI Bro gimmick. DDP, who has a famously positive attitude, claimed that Booker has the best attitude he ever encountered in the pro wrestling business.

"I really got tight with Book when he was doing GI Bro." Page recalled, "and I walked in the bathroom and he'd already been in Harlem Heat. He had already been this and he had been that. And he was doing his single's thing and they didn't know what to do with him at that point. I mean, he's a thoroughbred athlete, and he could talk, and he had tons of charisma, so whatever, I figure he'll find his own way. So I walk in there, and this is how Booker T is, he's putting on the face paint makeup for GI Bro and I just looked at him, and I go, 'Book, how're you doing?' He goes, 'I'm good, D.' He goes, 'I'm real good.' I said, 'dude, you have the best attitude I've ever met in this business.' He goes, 'D, do you know what I was doing before I got here? I was mopping floors. I was digging ditches.' He goes, 'I'm just happy to be here.' He said, 'I'm just going to keep working till I get over.'"

Also during the podcast, Page talked about going with Booker T to speak to people being sent to prison. Visiting inmates in holding cells with Booker was the first time Page learned of Booker's criminal past.

"Booker T got up there and he knocked me on my ass because I didn't know that Booker had been arrested and been in the joint for a few years. I had no idea that when he got out of prison, he got his son who was in foster care from his mama, who lost him or whatever. I can't remember the exact reason, but he went and got that kid, who was his boy, and as a single dad, raised him." Page added, "and he said, 'please' and 'thank you' cost nothing. 'Those two words,' he goes, 'are priceless.' He goes, 'you get out of this deal, you get out of this joint, you go to the next one, you get out into the real world, and you do the right thing.'"

According to Page, he encouraged Booker to tell his story on TV, as it would get him over.  

"We left, we got in the car… I've got chills right now… We got in the car and I was like, 'Book, thank you so much for sharing that with me, man' because no one knew. I said, 'you've got to get this word out there. This will take you to the freakin' upper stratosphere because of what you've overcome.' He said, 'I know, D.'" Page remembered, "he goes, 'I know, but it's not now.' And I never told anybody. I figured, that's his story."

Austin also had only positive things to say about Booker T. Austin said he always got along with Booker from their WCW days. Additionally, Austin shared a story of a rib Booker played on the locker room, saying he was named a top five worker by pro wrestling pundits.

"Man, Book, we got along as soon as I met him in WCW." Austin continued, "them, him and Stevie [Ray] were a tag team at the time, but we [were] always joking around, s--t we do to pass the time like that. [Page] know[s] Booker is a real confident guy, hell of a worker, hell of a worker! And a great promo. He started this rumor, some of the magazines, I forget exactly how he did it, but he goes, 'so-and-so says I'm one of the top five workers in the world.' Not just the United States, the world! And, dude, when you're in the [pro wrestling] business, when a guy throws out a statement like that, you think, 'hold it! Where did that s--t come from? How can he be the number five worker in the world or in the top five workers in the world?' It was a rib! And everybody bit. Nobody knew whether to s--t or wind their watch!"

Austin shared another funny story of Booker T - apparently, 'The Rattlesnake' once got stiffed by Booker in a match, and Austin followed up with a "receipt" immediately.  

"Me and Book used to love to work together." Austin divulged, "one time, we [were] in the ring, and, Goddamn, he lit me up with the stiffest damn right jab. Dude, I mean, he hit me so damn hard, it was like, dude, instantly, I'm usually real patient, but on that one, I said, 'dude, that receipt's coming right now!' Man, I threw a right hand and it caught him. We finished the match, but it was an instant receipt. And I was laughing in the back. He was laughing as well. I said, 'Goddang, Book, if you and me ever get in a fight, I know I'd kick your ass because I took your best shot and the only reason I didn't knock you out is because my right arm doesn't straighten out.' He started laughing. Good dude."

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