Taz Feels That Aleister Black's Promos Hurt His Mystique

On his latest The Taz Show podcast, Taz further shared his thoughts on the Aleister Black character, and how Triple H needs to tweak it in order to fully capitalize on his mystique.

Taz is a big fan of Black, but feels as if the producers on NXT should change a few things about him to fit his gimmick better. Taz feels that Black wearing a suit loses the darkness and mystique of his character. Taz also believes that the way NXT is constantly putting Black on the mic is killing his mystique as well.

"I think [the mystique feel] is gone when he wears a suit and talks on a microphone," said Taz. "It just doesn't feel like he's Aleister Black. This dark character, with this dark, demonic-type music. It loses it for me. Once the music is gone, and the lights are up, and he's in a suit, and he's got the belt on, meh.

"And now he's talking. Meh, okay. It's not who I look at as Aleister Black. I would go a different route when he's cutting a promo. I wouldn't have him in a suit, I'd have him always in his gear, and that's an old school thing that some old school wrestling people would agree with me, some new school people would disagree with me."

Taz added that Triple H would not be shocked to hear him say that, because they came from the same era and he knows that mindset as well and understands it. Taz feel that Black has the look where he needs to "stay in that lane." If Black does wear a suit, the lights should not be fully up in order to keep with his mystique. When the lights are all the way up and Black is in a suit, he looks like a "regular guy" with a beard and a ponytail.

At NXT TakeOver: Chicago, Black was able to successfully defend the NXT Championship against Lars Sullivan. Following his tag team win at the WWE United Kingdom Tournament with Ricochet against Velveteen Dream and EC3, Ricochet teased an upcoming match with Black, as he had his eyes set on the NXT Championship. However, as seen of the latest episode of NXT, Tommaso Ciampa also has his eyes set on the NXT Championship.

If any portion of these quotes are used, please be sure to credit The Taz Show with a h/t of Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.

Source: The Taz Show


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