Tenille Dashwood On Separating Herself From The Emma Character And Being Taken Seriously

Tenille Dashwood's WWE release came out of nowhere for most fans. She was just coming off two good matches with Asuka and even though Tenille lost both encounters she was at least chosen to be Asuka's first opponent on the main roster. Tenille Dashwood didn't skip a beat and when her no-compete clause was up on January 27th she was off to the races in making a name for herself on her own.

Ring Of Honor was starting their Women Of Honor tournament at the time and Tenille Dashwood fell right into the bracketology. Although she didn't win the tournament Dashwood certainly established herself as a totally different person from her WWE persona.

ROH is holding a huge Best In The World pay-per-view this Friday and Tenille Dashwood is excited to be a part of a star-studded eight-woman tag match. Tenille recently spoke on a media call where she went into several topics including the fact she could see Bayley in Women Of Honor as well. Then she discussed how important it was for her to distance herself from the comedic stigma Emma might have left on her.

"I definitely want to be taken seriously," Tenille Dashwood said when I asked about distancing herself from Emma's comedic persona. "I didn't feel like I had something to prove if anything it was for myself. I wanted to wrestle. I wanted to enjoy wrestling again and to meet all my fans and have competitive matches and those were all goals I had for myself. So I definitely want to be taken seriously to show myself I could do it still and you know to give that back to the fans too."

Tenille Dashwood is able to meet her fans, make her own schedule to a great extent, and have longer matches without restraint. She is also open to a new world of possibilities including intergender matches which Tenille also said she would have no problem participating in as well.

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