Tessa Blanchard Shuts Down Individual On Twitter, Brian Cage Talks X Division, Impact Survey

- Above, Brian Cage appeared on AMBY to talk about Lucha Underground and working in the X Division in Impact Wrestling.

"I love working with X Division style guys and that doesn't always mean 'small' guys - but a lot of the guys are usually smaller - but just that style," Cage said. "I fit in well with it. I think that people forget that it's not a weight class, it's a style, Samoa Joe was champion."

- Impact sent out another survey for fans to fill out on this week's Impact: Under Pressure show. Austin Aries defeated Pentagon Jr. to win the Impact World Championship and Su Yung defeated Allie to win the Knockouts Championship.

- After Tessa Blanchard sent out a motivational tweet an individual responded that because she's a third generation wrestler she had more "handed" to her. Blanchard disagreed, "Being generational is not a bad thing. My last name doesn't take the bumps for me, doesn't travel the miles for me, doesn't set up the rings or get me up to train. My last name doesn't squat 225 & bench 135 on an off day. I'm handed everything because of my last name? Go on."


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