The Miz Goes Nuts On ESPN (Video), WWE Doctor Wanted $30-$40 Million From Colt Cabana?, Sasha Banks

- The Miz appeared on ESPN's First Take today, as seen in the video above. During the appearance, The Miz went "absolutely nuts" while debating Stephen A. Smith about the NBA Finals. Miz called LeBron James the greatest player of all time and cut an impassioned promo on the Cleveland Cavaliers coming back from being 0-3 in the finals. Miz said that the Cavaliers will win their next four games to take the Championship. Miz noted while no team has ever come back from 0-3 to win, no team has had LeBron James in that situation. Smith corrected him and said that it had happened before with LeBron when he was with the Miami Heat and they lost to the Spurs in the finals.

- On Colt Cabana's latest podcast, he posted his daily verbal notes from his trial with WWE Senior Ringside Physician Chris Amann. Amann was suing Cabana and CM Punk for libel and slander for comments Punk made on Cabana's podcast in 2014. Before the verdict was read, Cabana noted that Amann's attorney was seeking $3,850,000 (different from the $3,989,000 that was reported) in compensatory damages per case, so he was actually seeking a total of $7.7 million between Punk and Cabana in compensatory damages alone. With punitive damages, Cabana said that the total that he was being sued for was between $30 - $40 million.

"From a guy who brought this case up because he was so upset about the tweets and the anti-stuff against him, it's just amazing how much weird attention he's bringing on himself thinking that will be in a positive light," Cabana said. "$40 million... I might be wrong, [maybe] $30 million, something like that, I don't know how it adds up. But boy did that hit me when I heard that."

- Xavier Woods posted the tongue-in-cheek video below of Sasha Banks "getting fired up" and responding to Twitter trolls:


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