The Undertaker Appears At Concert And Chokeslams Famous Rapper

The Undertaker is obviously feeling much better since his hip surgery. He's worked a couple WWE events since then and is booked for the Madison Square Garden show on July 7th. He is also booked for what is being promoted as another final match against Triple H in October at the Super Show-Down, but apparently, you never know where he could show up in the meantime. Fans at who gathered to see Post Malone in Austin Texas on Saturday night had no idea they would see The Dead Man make an appearance but it happened in a big way.


As noted, while the WWE Universe focused on NXT TakeOver: Chicago, The Undertaker help out Post Malone by destroying a guitar on stage. Then he turned around to deliver a chokeslam to Post Malone as well. The chokeslam spot took place in a backstage segment that was shown on the big screens around the stage so it's likely that the famous artists behind "Psycho" didn't actually take a bump. But it was still pretty awesome.

The Undertaker wasn't shy either and was more than happy to give the fans a show they didn't see coming. Only time will tell if we'll be seeing The Undertaker pop up on WWE programming soon enough to deliver a chokeslam out of nowhere. But at least we know that if you go to enough concerts in Austin he's more than likely to emerge eventually and take out a world-famous recording artist.


This was a great appearance from The Dead Man and you can check out clips from the show below. Although there isn't the best video available of the actual chokeslam you have to also take into consideration that fans probably weren't expecting to see that kind of memorable spot during the concert.