Tommaso Ciampa Still Refusing To Let WWE Create Merchandise For Him

There aren't many heels in the WWE Universe who are as hated as Tommaso Ciampa. The Black Heart continually brings a massive amount of heat on him where ever he goes and seems to cherish every anger-inducing moment of it.

Tommaso Ciampa has refused to let WWE's official shop make a t-shirt for him before because he said in the past how they wanted to make a "Black Heart" t-shirt but he wouldn't let them have the design. In true old-school heel fashion, Tommaso Ciampa obviously doesn't want people to be able to buy his merchandise let alone support his nefarious actions. For that matter, he doesn't even want them cheering for him which might partly be why he doesn't even have entrance music.

Apparently, WWE Shop really liked the look of the tank top Tommaso Ciampa wore to the ring for NXT TakeOver: Chicago. But like the Black Heart t-shirt Ciampa was sporting before, this is an original design and The Sicilian Psychopath still doesn't seem open to merchandising.

Ciampa simply said: "The answer is no," meaning he won't budge on his previously stated rule of no merch. He's also made it quite clear in the past if fans see him in public they shouldn't try to talk to him, thank him, shake his hand, or do anything except leave him alone. Therefore, this is yet another example of how Tommaso Ciampa is living out his heel persona for real in an outstanding homage to the days where kayfabe was alive and well.

While it's not out of the cards that we might eventually live in a world where Tommaso Ciampa merchandise is available for purchase through WWE Shop, it doesn't look like that day will be anytime soon if Ciampa has anything to say about it.


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