Triple H Discusses Plans For Keith Lee In NXT

Keith Lee was sitting in the crowd during NXT TakeOver: Chicago and plenty of people who know him from the indie wrestling scene were excited to see he was getting the same treatment as so many other top guys who came into NXT. But the question still remains of how he will be used since his unique skill set and style might differ slightly from the norm in WWE.

But maybe the best strategy is to let Keith Lee get a little adjustment period out of the way first before they start planning out how they'll book him on NXT television.

"I think I'm gonna let him land first," Triple H said during the post-NXT TakeOver: Chicago media conference. "I saw Keith Lee walk through the entrance way at the arena this afternoon and stood on the same spot on the stage while we were walking through rehearsals for probably about an hour with just a blown-away look on his face."

Although it might take some time for Keith Leee to get his footing in WWE's developmental territory, there's no telling how far he will be able to go once the WWE Performance Center staff is able to help him take everything he already has and mold him into a WWE Superstar. Then again, it might take no time at all and Keith Lee could debut on NXT's television show very soon we'll just have to wait and see.

"I think it's gonna take a minute for Keith Lee to land on the ground," Triple H continued. "But once he does I'm expecting big things from Keith Lee. He's a phenomenal talent, big dude that probably shouldn't be able to do the things that he does. He's a phenomenal talent and I can't wait to work with him, our team to work with him to help him take everything that he's done so far and just take it to a whole nother level."


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