Tyson Kidd Comments On Career-Ending Injury, Jack Gallagher Takes On Jey Uso In UFC 3, Godfather

- Above, Jack Gallagher continued to defend his six-fight winning streak in UFC 3. Last time around, Jey Uso did some mid-match taunting and got knocked out, but this match he skipped the taunting and was able to pick up the win to become the new "King of the Hill."

- According to WWENetworkNews.com, The Godfather Collection will be coming to the WWE Network tomorrow (6/4). The set will feature his Hall of Fame induction, a number of matches from Raw, SmackDown, Heat, Shotgun Saturday Night, and will also have some exclusive interviews with The Godfather.

- Yesterday, Tyson Kidd (TJ Wilson) noted it had been three years since his injury in a dark match with Samoa Joe. Joe had just signed on with WWE at the time. Kidd sustained a severe neck injury after taking a Muscle Buster that would not only end his WWE in-ring career, but was considered life-threatening. According to Kidd, only five percent of people survive the injury with those that survived likely to be paralyzed. Kidd noted he's really enjoying his current role (Producer) with WWE.