What Airs After Monday's RAW, How Superstars Are Made At WWE PC (Video), Sheamus Trains With WW2 Vet

- Sheamus trains with 94-year-old World War 2 US Navy Veteran Al Rawley in this new video from his Celtic Warrior Workouts YouTube channel. The video was filmed at Greater Boston Fitness in Boston, MA. Rawley trains for 3-4 hours each day he's in the gym and has been training 5 days per week for the last 68 years.


- A new thirty-minute episode of WWE Photo Shoot will air on the WWE Network after Monday's RAW goes off the air, featuring Goldust. Below is the synopsis:

"Hear the backstage scoop from WWE's most bizarre Superstar, as Goldust reflects on his revolutionary character and unorthodox career!"

- WWE posted this quick video looking at how Superstars are made at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando: