Why Big Cass Had Heat With WWE Officials, Tour Bus Bathroom Incident, Why WWE Didn't Wish Him Well

Big Cass was fired from WWE this week due to a number of things that have happened behind-the-scenes, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

WWE's announcement on Cass' release had people talking as it did not wish him the best in his future endeavors, a line they usually include when announcing departures. This was done for a reason as the company was very unhappy with him when he was let go.

Cass had heat since May 1st after he went against company orders during an angle at SmackDown in Montreal. WWE brought the little person to SmackDown to dress as Daniel Bryan and the plan was for Cass to hit him with a big boot. Cass reportedly asked officials if he could do a beatdown after the big boot to get more heat. Cass was told no but he went directly to Vince McMahon to plead his case after that. McMahon agreed with the first idea as there would be heat from the big boot and some might find a bigger beatdown to be more tasteless. Cass ended up attacking Little Bryan after the big boot and that's when the heat got worse.

We don't know details on what they had planned for the Cass vs. Bryan feud but they were not planning on having Cass lose via submission on two straight pay-per-views. Word was going around a few weeks ago, after the first submission to Bryan, that there would be more punishment coming for Cass.

As noted, Vince fired Cass at a pre-SmackDown meeting in Toledo, OH this week. Besides the incident with Little Bryan, Cass also blew off rehearsal for a promo that Kevin Dunn had asked for. Cass then did the promo on SmackDown but went longer than they wanted. There was said to be a lot of heat for that promo as Vince hated it and actually fired the writer of the promo a few weeks back.

Cass also had heat from a tour bus incident during the recent European tour, which was reported earlier this week by Pro Wrestling Sheet. Cass locked himself in the bus bathroom as the lock malfunctioned and thinking he was being pranked, he destroyed the bathroom and broke down the door to get out. The broken door meant that the other talents on the bus could not use the bathroom in privacy for the rest of the trip. There were also damages that had to be covered by WWE. Cass picked up more heat for other behavior-related issues during that tour.

Cass has also had enemies in the company that go back to when he defended President Donald Trump during an argument with Sami Zayn about the treatment of Muslims. This upset many people but had nothing to do with Cass being fired, according to the Observer. Cass also had heat from producers that dated back to the feud with Big Show, which took place before he suffered the knee injury in the Summer of 2017. The feeling was that the feud didn't go over well and Cass took most of the blame. Cass was also looked down on for his work in the recent feud with Bryan but that was not a reason for his release. The Little Bryan incident was also not the main reason why he was fired.

As noted, former WWE wrestler Mike Bucci, a.k.a. Simon Dean, shared a story on Facebook about Cass once "big-dogging" a former co-worker who was backstage, and forced him out of the locker room.

"A former wrestling co-worker of mine from back in my WWE days was backstage at a show about a year ago and Big Cass big dogged him and asked him to leave the locker room," Bucci wrote on Facebook. "If their paths cross again on the indys, I hope I'm there to see my old buddy return the favor."

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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