WWE Hypes Lio Rush's WWE 205 Live Debut, Netflix "Glow" Cast - SmackDown, The B Team Celebrates

- Above is backstage video of The B Team celebrating backstage after Curtis Axel defeated RAW Tag Team Champion Matt Hardy on last night's show. As noted, The B Team vs. Hardy and Wyatt for the titles is now confirmed for WWE Extreme Rules.

- WWE posted the following to hype Lio Rush's WWE 205 Live debut on tonight's show:

Lio Rush set to debut

Lio Rush, one of the most exciting competitors in WWE NXT, is set to make his Cruiserweight debut tonight. For the past couple weeks, Rush has addressed the WWE Universe and the Cruiserweight division, heralding his impending debut. One of the fastest and most agile competitors in the world, Rush will no doubt shake-up 205 Live and will likely draw the ire of competitors like Drew Gulak, who want the Cruiserweight division to be more technically focused.

Nevertheless, Rush is out to prove why he is one of the best Cruiserweights in the world and to show the WWE Universe why he should have been a part of the Cruiserweight Classic and the WWE Cruiserweight Championship Tournament.

See Lio Rush in action in his WWE 205 Live debut tonight!

- As noted in our preview for tonight's WWE SmackDown, the cast of Netflix's "Glow" series will be appearing to deliver a message to Naomi. Below are Twitter posts from Naomi, actress Sydelle Noel and actress Britt Baron:


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