WWE MITB: Elias Vs. Seth Rollins (WWE Intercontinental Title Match)

WWE Intercontinental Title Match: Elias vs. Seth Rollins

We go to the ring and Elias is out with his guitar. Elias plays a little and says he is WWE, and that everyone will see that WWE stands for Walk With Elias tonight. Elias knocks the people of Chicago as they boo him. It sounds like a "we deserve it" chant breaks out and Elias agrees. Elias tells them to silence their cellphone and shut their mouths as he starts playing. He stops and says Chicago just isn't worth it. The lights come up and out comes WWE Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins to a pop as JoJo does the introductions.

The bell rings and they stare each other down from the corners. They lock up and go at it. Elias takes Rollins down but Rollins counters and they trade holds for a few minutes. Elias rocks Rollins with a back elbow and drops him. Elias stomps on Rollins while he's on the mat now. Rollins blocks a shot and fights back. Rollins nails a dropkick and Elias goes to the floor for a breather. Rollins launches himself out and takes Elias down on the floor. They bring it back in and Rollins flies in with a clothesline. Rollins unloads in the corner now as the referee warns him. Elias ends up dropping Rollins on his neck on the apron with a big lariat. Elias unloads in the corner now.

Elias with more offense and a 2 count as he continues focusing on the neck. Elias drops Rollins with a stiff DDT but Rollins kicks out at 2. Elias drops Rollins again for another 2 count. Fans chant for Rollins as Elias keeps him in a modified Camel Clutch. They go to the mat and Elias keeps a submission locked. Rollins kicks Elias and looks to make a comeback but Elias drops him. Elias goes for a knee drop but Rollins moves. More back and forth in the corners now. Rollins mounts some offense and hits a Slingblade. Rollins sends Elias out to the floor. Rollins runs the ropes and nails a suicide dive, sending Elias back into the barrier.

Rollins keeps control for another close 2 count. Elias with a close 2 count after flooring Rollins with a high knee when Rollins' knee buckles on him. Elias with another 2 count as Rollins sells the knee injury. Rollins fights back as they trade shots in the middle of the ring. Rollins unloads but Elias jumps with a big boot. Rollins with a superkick for a close 2 count. Rollins goes up for the Frogsplash but Elias gets his knees up and covers for a 2 count. Elias shows some frustration now. Elias goes to the top but Rollins cut him off. Rollins goes back up for the superplex and holds it for the Falcon Arrow. Elias still kicks out at 2.

Fans chant "burn it down!" for Rollins as he stands up and cranks his stomp up. Elias rolls out of the way and goes to the floor. Rollins runs the ropes for the dive but Elias catches him and sends him into the barrier. Elias sends Rollins into the post and the steel steps. Elias brings it back into the ring and hits the flying elbow but Rollins kicks out just in time. Fans chant for Rollins as they're both down in the middle of the ring. Elias gets up first but Rollins blocks a Drift Away. Elias beats Rollins down. Elias takes Rollins to the top and climbs up. Rollins slides down and goes for the Buckle Bomb but his knee gives out. Rollins blocks Drift Away and rolls Elias up for 2. Elias comes from behind for a 2 count. Rollins counters that with a roll-up of his own and uses a handful of tights to get the pin to retain.

Winner: Seth Rollins

- After the match, Rollins takes the title and sits up as his music hits. We go to replays. Rollins makes his exit with the title as Elias recovers.


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