WWE MITB: Shinsuke Nakamura Vs. AJ Styles (Last Man Standing Match For The WWE Title)

Last Man Standing Match for the WWE Title: Shinsuke Nakamura vs. AJ Styles

We go to the ring and Hamilton goes over the rules. Shinsuke Nakamura is out first. WWE Champion AJ Styles is out next for this Last Man Standing match. We get formal ring introductions.

The bell rings and they size each other up as fans do dueling chants. They lock up and Nakamura knees AJ, then takes him down. AJ gets right up and fights back with strikes. Nakamura with another knee. AJ with a dropkick. The referee counts but Nakamura is up at 2. AJ takes Nakamura from the ropes to the corner and back to the mat, working him over. Nakamura goes back down and the referee counts but he gets up. AJ with a knee to the gut. Nakamura with an elbow as the dueling chants continue. Styles sends Nakamura out of the ring. Nakamura lands on the floor and the referee follows but doesn't count. AJ leaps out of the ring with a Phenomenal Forearm. Nakamura goes down on the floor and the referee counts. Nakamura gets up at 5.

AJ grabs Nakamura and sends him into the barrier. AJ launches Nakamura into another barrier and the referee counts but he's up at 2. Nakamura rams AJ back into the barrier now. Nakamura with a Northern Lights suplex on the steel of the ramp. The referee counts but AJ gets back up at the 6 count. Nakamura pounds on AJ and brings him back to the apron and delivers a running knee. Nakamura leaves AJ hanging off the apron and delivers a big stomp to the back of the head. They both go down and the referee counts. Nakamura is back up at 3 and Styles is up at 5.

Nakamura brings it back into the ring and keeps control as AJ tries to fight back. Nakamura drops AJ with another big shot to the chest. AJ gets back up at the 5 count. Nakamura with Bad Vibrations in the corner now. AJ grabs the leg and fights up out of the corner but Nakamura ends up putting AJ back down with a kick to the head. The referee counts but AJ gets up before the 6 count. Nakamura positions AJ over the top turnbuckle and delivers the high knee. AJ falls out of the ring and hits the floor. The referee counts again but AJ jumps up at 5. AJ rocks Nakamura at ringside. Nakamura sends AJ into the steel ring steps. Nakamura does Bad Vibrations against the steel steps and then sends AJ over the barrier into the crowd. Nakamura follows and boots AJ down. Nakamura toys with AJ before kicking him. Nakamura with a knee to the gut and another. AJ ducks a shot and fights back with strikes. AJ with kicks against the barrier now. Nakamura goes back over the barrier to the ringside area. AJ jumps up on the barrier to leap at Nakamura but Nakamura kicks the leg out and AJ falls face first at ringside. The referee counts but AJ gets back up at 7. Nakamura sends him right back into the steel steps.

Nakamura brings AJ back into the ring and bullies him around with boots to the head. AJ gets up and fights back. AJ counters the reverse exploder and delivers a big kick to the head. Nakamura stumbles around. AJ nails a big dropkick off a counter and they both go down as the referee starts counting. They get up before the 8 count. Styles drops Nakamura again. AJ with a big flying shot in the corner. More back and forth now. AJ drops Nakamura but he gets back up at the 6 count. Nakamura goes for a low blow but he fails. Nakamura misses a kick and AJ barely connects with a pele kick. More back and forth now. Nakamura hits the reverse exploder suplex. Nakamura waits for the Kinshasa but AJ counters it with a forearm to the face. The referee counts but they get up before the 7 count. Styles scoops Nakamura and drops him again.

Nakamura gets up at the 8 count now. Nakamura kicks AJ's Phenomenal Forearm out of the air. The referee counts and they go to the floor as fans do dueling chants. Nakamura drops AJ over into the timekeeper's area. Nakamura takes apart one of the announce tables now as fans pop. Nakamura slams AJ from the barrier to the announce table on his back. Nakamura dances around at ringside and waits for AJ to get up on the announce table. The referee counts. Nakamura runs all three announce tables and hits a Kinshasa on AJ at the end of the third table. Nakamura falls to the floor and AJ is also down on the announce table as the referee counts. Nakamura is up as is AJ at the 9 count. Nakamura nails AJ and throws him into the ring post. Nakamura with more strikes.

Fans cheer as Nakamura brings a table from under the ring and slides it in. AJ is also in the ring now. Nakamura tries to stand the table up but has to stop to knock AJ back down. Nakamura gets the table up in the middle of the ring. Nakamura takes AJ to the top for a superplex through the table but AJ resists. AJ slides down and goes to powerbomb Nakamura through the table. Nakamura fights back and the table gets knocked over. AJ gets dropped ribs-first over the edge of the table. The referee counts as Nakamura puts the table leaning in the corner. AJ gets up but Nakamura launches him through the table. Fans cheer as the referee counts AJ, who is folded up in the pieces of table in the corner. AJ gets back up at the 9 count, just in time. Nakamura can't believe it. We go to a replay.

More back and forth now as they avoid shots into an exposed steel turnbuckle. Nakamura misses a high knee in the corner and instead hits the exposed turnbuckle with his knee. Styles kicks Nakamura's knee out and kicks him again. Fans with more dueling chants. Styles kicks the knee again. Styles continues stomping on Nakamura's injured leg. The referee counts but Nakamura gets up. AJ goes for the Calf Crusher and locks it in. Nakamura taps but it doesn't matter. AJ breaks the hold and the referee counts on Nakamura again. Nakamura tries to get up but the leg gives out. Nakamura gets up and AJ knocks him right back down. Nakamura rolls out to the floor. AJ grabs a steel chair from ringside and smacks Nakamura in the knee with it. AJ keeps control with more chair shots on the floor. Nakamura sits up on his knees and begs AJ to spare him. AJ goes for another big chair shot but Nakamura hits him with a low blow. The referee counts and Nakamura gets up at the 3 count. The referee continues to count but AJ gets up right before the 10 count. Nakamura charges with a Kinshasa as soon as AJ gets up. The referee counts and AJ gets up right before the 10 count again.

They tangle on top of the announce table now. AJ pushes Nakamura off into the steel steps. AJ with a Phenomenal Forearm from the table to the floor. The referee counts but AJ nails a Styles Clash from the steps to the floor. Fans chant "holy s--t" now. The referee counts but Nakamura barely makes it up in time. AJ can't believe it. Nakamura tells AJ to bring it. AJ kicks Nakamura with a stiff low blow. AJ returns to the ring and springboards back out, nailing a big Phenomenal Forearm to put Nakamura through the announce table. Fans chant "holy s--t" again as both Superstars are down. The referee counts and AJ is up first at 7. Nakamura can't make it up and AJ retains.

Winner: AJ Styles

After the bell, AJ stands tall and has his arm raised while also raising the WWE Title in the air. AJ's music hits as Nakamura is still laid out on what's left of the announce table. AJ returns to the ring with the title and stands tall as we go to replays. AJ celebrates as officials help Nakamura recover at ringside.

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