WWE NXT Results (6/6): Tommaso Ciampa And Johnny Gargano Brawl, Kairi Sane Takes On Lacey Evans

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Tonight features Kairi Sane vs. Lacey Evans, Roderick Strong taking on Danny Burch, and Tommaso Ciampa will address the upcoming Street Fight against Johnny Gargano at NXT TakeOver: Chicago II.

- NXT Women's Champion Shayna Baszler out to the ring. Baszler on the microphone and says the strong will always defeat the weak, but there's always gotta to be one. Nikki Cross heads out and Baszler talks some trash about putting her to sleep before throwing the microphone at Cross tells her to "do it" over and over. Baszler just stands there and holds the title.

Cross lunges at her and Baszler flinches, Baszler shoves Cross, and Cross goes wild on her with strikes and stomps in the corner. As Cross goes to pick up the title, Baszler pops her in the face, throws Cross out of the ring, but she gets on the apron, throws a shot and lands a crossbody over the top rope. Baszler bounces to the outside.

- At NXT TakeOver: Chicago II, Shayna Baszler will defend the title against Nikki Cross.

TM61 vs. Mike Hughley and Robbie Grand

TM61 with some early double team moves as Throne grinds his opponents face into the mat. Hughley gets a jawbreaker, tags in his partner, but Throne immediately rocks him with a dropkick. Thorne with a big knee, Throne lands a big forearm to the back of Grand's neck and that will already do it.

Winners: TM61 via Pinfall

- Post-match, Miller gets on the mic and says they have proven they are the best team in NXT. They rattle off the teams they have beat and say they will take on any of the other teams if they are man enough. Thorne says they will kneel down to the mighty.

- Last week, recap of NXT Champion Aleister Black and Lars Sullivan in-ring confrontation. Sullivan caught Black Mass and hits Freak Accident on the champ. The two will meet at TakeOver.

- Earlier this week, we see Sullivan training in the WWE Performance Center where Sullivan is crushing a number of trainees in preparation for his upcoming match.

Roderick Strong vs. Danny Burch

Bit of a stalemate early on, Burch with a kick to Strong's arm, continues to work the arm, but Strong gets him out on the apron and lands a big kick to Burch. Strong with some massive chops to the chest, back breaker, cover, two. Strong hits a dropkick, cover, two, low dropkick to Burch's back. Burch lands a headbutt to stun Strong. Burch hits a bunch of european uppercuts, missile dropkick, kip-up, uppercut, release german suplex, and a big clothesline.

The rest of Undisputed Era head out, but Dunne and Lorcan follow close behind. They all start swinging away on each other, Burch with a crossface on Strong, Cole up on the apron, Burch gets distracted, Strong with end of heartache, cover, and that will do it.

Winner: Roderick Strong via Pinfall

- Post-match, Pete Dunne is in the ring and he swings away on Strong. He looks to finish off strong, but O'Reilly with a chop block stops that. Strong with end of heartache on Strong and Undisputed Era stand tall.

- At a photo shoot, Kassius Ohno is getting some new shots as EC3 interrupts. "Why are we taking photos of this guy? He'll break the camera." EC3 says Ohno isn't a one-percenter, Ohno responds if he keeps talking like that he's one-percent away from getting knocked out. Ohno challenges him for next week, EC3 accepts.

- Hype video for Ricochet vs. Velveteen Dream. Ricochet talks about how he's always had to one-up himself throughout his career. For 15 years he's had to scratch and claw his way to the top of every company he's been in. Dream says he's been blessed with talent where he's able to make an impact with ease. Ricochet jokes about Dream's toughest struggle being eliminated from Tough Enough. "I have no memory of that," Dream responds. Dream talks about King being the "once good" King, but he's the Prince.

Lacey Evans vs. Kairi Sane

This is the rubber match between these two NXT stars. Sane with a double chop, flying head scissors, and stomps Evans' right hand as she looks to weaken that Women's Right finisher. Evans on the apron lands a kick, springboard elbow, cover, two. Evans catches a kick, right hand to the midsection, cover, two. Evans continues to work over her opponent, locking in a choke and spinning around with Sane still in the submission. Evans hits a double stomp in the corner, cover, two. Evans somewhat selling her hand injury, goes for a backhand slap, but it's caught and ends up flipping Evans.

Evans with a big boot to Sane's midsection, power slam. Evans heads to the second rope, leaps up to the top rope and tries for a moonsault, but nobody home! Sane with two spears as she yells, three spears! Sane with a sliding forearm, up to the top rope flying elbow hits, cover, tow-count. Sane goes into an armbar, Evans stacks her up for a two-count. Sane with an alabama slam, back up to the top rope for the insane elbow, nails it, cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: Kairi Sane via Pinfall

- Next week: Kassius Ohno vs. EC3, also Aleister Black appears.

- Out comes Tommaso Ciampa to a chorus of boos. Ciampa just waves the crowd off as he gets in the ring. "Johnny Wrestling" chant causes some angst on his face as the crowd then goes into a "You tapped out!" Sitting on the top rope, Ciampa says "You gave up on me long before I tapped out." Crowd continues the chants. Ciampa says Gargano does what he always does and interrupts his segments because it's always about him.

Ciampa puts it on Gargano for nearly crippling his own wife and it's on him for bringing his wife to the ring and challenging him to a fight. "You attacked me, all I did was simply defend myself," Ciampa says. He continues that Gargano should not show up at TakeOver and that this will not be a happy ending for Gargano. "You will be broken. I win." Gargano then makes way to the ring again, and starts swinging on Ciampa. Security tries to hold him back, he tosses them off and gets to Ciampa again. Referees slow him down and Gargano hits a suicide dive out on Ciampa. Gargano tosses security into the steps.

They fight in the crowd, Ciampa is nearly pulled away by security and Gargano jumps from the bleachers down on Ciampa! Ciampa tries to get away, gets in the ring, guards get at Gargano again and he punches them away. Ciampa clocks Gargano and locks in the Gargano Escape as a ridiculous amount of referees try to get him off Gargano. Ciampa goes up the ramp, waving goodbye, as the credit rolls. It's not over! Gargano chases him up the ramp and throws Ciampa into the screen a few times. Ciampa's busted open now and the Gargano escape is locked in up on the stage by a crazed Johnny Gargano.


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