WWE NXT Results (6/13): Aleister Black Addresses Lars Sullivan, Bianca Belair Vs. Aliyah, Pete Dunne

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Tonight features: Pete Dunne defending the WWE UK Championship against Kyle O'Reilly, Kassius Ohno vs. EC3, Bianca Belair vs. Aliyah, and Aleister Black addressing his NXT TakeOver opponent, Lars Sullivan

War Raiders vs. Ricky Martinez and Justin Storm

Hanson show off his power early on and performs a cartwheel to avoid his opponent's strike. Rowe is brought in and immediately brings down his opponent. He then drags the guy over and he tags in Martinez. Rowe crushes him. Hanson is in the ring, Rowe picks Hanson up and tosses him against Martinez in the corner. "War!" chant from the crowd as Storm comes in and smack Hanson in the back, bad move. Rowe in now, driving knee to the face. Guillotine leg drop from the top rope by Hanson on Martinez and that will do it.

Winners: War Raiders via Pinfall

- Post-match, War Raiders say "They call themselves, 'mighty.' We'll show them mighty" looks like The Mighty is on notice.

- Backstage, cameras catch the Undisputed Era talking, Adam Cole sees them and says no recording unless he says so.

- A look back at the storied rivalry between Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano as we see clips from their previous NXT TakeOver match that Gargano won. Gargano says he will finish off Ciampa. We see more clips of Candice LeRae talking with Ciampa and then when Gargano ends up getting shoved into her, knocking LeRae out on the ramp. The two will meet this Saturday at NXT TakeOver: Chicago II in a Street Fight.

EC3 vs. Kassius Ohno

Ohno gets in EC3's face before the match gets going, EC3 just smiles and laugh. Ohno with a quick shove after the bell rings. Both on the floor, Ohno with some knife edge chops to the chest before tossing EC3 back into the ring. Ohno runs over EC3, body slam, tries for the senton splash, but EC3 gets the knees up and hits a leg trip. Crowd is fairly split and EC3 starts to get some momentum in this one.

EC3 tries for a kick, and gets a knee to the mug. Ohno with some massive forearms, cyclone kick, and nails the senton splash this time around, two times! EC3 wisely rolls to the floor, Ohno follows and hits another on the floor! In the ring, EC3 yanks Ohno's neck across the top rope, hits the one-percenter, cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: EC3 via Pinfall

Bianca Belair vs. Aliyah

Belair wraps her hair up as Aliyah talks some trash and Belair ends up popping her in the face. Shoulder block by Belair, Belair gets sent into the corner, back handspring, and hits a big spear. Belair with a vertical suplex, Aliyah with a standing guillotine as she yells wildly. Belair ends up just suplexing her, running frog splash, kip-up. "I'm the EST!" Belair with a deadlift of Aliyah and dumps her on the top turnbuckle. Torture rack into a sit-out facebuster and we're done here.

Winner: Bianca Belair via Pinfall

- Vignette for Shayna Baszler who talks about when she won the title the best part was walking to the back and seeing the fear in the locker room. A bunch of clips are shown of her trashing the rest of the division and scaring Dakota Kai over the past couple weeks. We see Nikki Cross getting involved and says "What happens when there is no fear?" The two will meet this weekend for the title.

- Backstage, Cathy Kelley talks with Dakota Kai about her title match last week against Baszler and how close she came to the title. Kai says she knows it was close and if she changed just a thing or two, she would become the new champion. Belair jumps in and asks Cathy if she saw what she just did in the ring and that she should be the one being interviewed. Kai interjects, but Belair says "You're not going to do anything but cry and fail, so fall back." Kai doesn't stand down and says let's see how Belair does in the ring next week. Belair is fine with that challenge.

Pete Dunne vs. Kyle O'Reilly (WWE UK Championship)

Crowd hyped for Dunne with a loud "Bruiserweight!" champion. Dunne with his left thigh taped up, O'Reilly looks for some early pins as the two trade submissions. Dunne able to work O'Reilly's fingers and arm, wrenching it back to the mat. Big lariat by Dunne, O'Reilly trying to head to the floor, Dunne stops him on the apron, O'Reilly gets sent to the floor, kick to the arm, and X-Plex on the apron! Crowd continues their support for Dunne.

O'Reilly finally gets to work on that leg, couple kicks sends Dunne to the mat. Both try to apply ankle locks, back up their feet the two trade blows. Step-up enziguri by Dunne. Sit-out powerbomb, triangle counter by O'Reilly, but Dunne cartwheels out of it and kicks O'Reilly right in the arm. O'Reilly back on his feet and lands a penalty kick on Dunne, follows it up with a brainbuster, cover, two. Both up, Dunne with a forearm that sends O'Reilly into the corner, x-plex right into an armbar, but O'Reilly is able to transition into an ankle lock.

Plenty of back and forth action, both end up down on the mat. O'Reilly continues to swing away on the champion's face. O'Reilly pulls out Dunne's mouth guard, Dunne snaps O'Reilly's finger and hits bitter end for the victory. Really great match!

Winner: Pete Dunne via Pinfall to retain the WWE UK Championship

- Post-match, Strong and Cole hit the ring to kick away at Dunne. Lorcan and Burch jump the ring and go to work on them. Dunne with a big forearm to Cole on the floor as the two tag teams swing away on each other in the ring. Lorcan and Burch end up sending the two out on the floor as the crowd goes wild.

- Next week: Dakota Kai vs. Bianca Belair, War Raiders vs. The Mighty (no longer TM61?)

- Aleister Black heads to the ring to let his TakeOver opponent, Lars Sullivan, that when it's all said and done he will fade to black. Keeping his word short, Sullivan comes out to the stage and charges the ring. They trade blows, Sullivan lands a big lariat and freak accident to lay out the champion. Sullivan hits another one and barks at Black, "I'm not fading to black!" Make that three in a row. He then carries Black over to commentary and puts him on the table, "You will fade to black!" Sullivan stands on the table and holds up the title as he gets a few boos.


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