WWE NXT Results (6/20): TakeOver Fallout, Dakota Kai Vs. Bianca Belair, War Raiders Vs. The Mighty

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Tonight features: Bianca Belair vs. Dakota Kai, War Raiders vs. The Mighty, and fallout from NXT TakeOver: Chicago II.

- The show stars with an "In Memory of" for Vader. They also have a scroll at the bottom with wrestlers reacting on social media to his passing.

- Highlights from last week's NXT TakeOver: Chicago II.

- Vic Joseph, Nigel McGuinnes, and Percy Watson welcome us in. This was taped at TakeOver, so no Mauro Ranallo, but he'll be back next week.

Dakota Kai vs. Bianca Belair

Belair goes right after Kai, but eats a dropkick. Kai avoids Belair, trips her up, big kick to the chest, cover, barely a one-count. Belair launches Kai up and into the top turnbuckle, then drives her shoulder into Kai's midsection. "EST!" chant from the crowd as she hits a springboard suplex, kip-up, and does a little taunting in the center of the ring. Belair drives her opponent to the mat, cover, two. Belair with an abdominal stretch as she swings away on Kai's side, goes into a backbreaker. "Get up! I'm not gonna pick you up!" Belair yells at Kai and she swings away on her back.

Belair looks for another suplex and bounces Kai off of three of the top ropes before Kai flips away. Belair drops Kai, looks for a splash, but Kai gets her knees up. Belair charges the corner, misses, step-up enziguri by Kai. Couple more kicks by Kai and nails the running kicks in the corner, cover, two. Kai to the top rope, jumps over Belair, dodges Belair's whip, not the forearm though. Torture rack position and Kai is slammed to the mat, cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: Bianca Belair via Pinfall

- Highlights from Ricochet vs. Velveteen Dream at TakeOver.

- Backstage, Cathy Kelley talked with Ricochet after winning his TakeOver match. Ricochet says he showed everyone just a little bit of what he can and he's not just some animated gif you see online. He showed everyone that the spotlight belongs to him.

- Backstage, Velveteen Dream was asked where he goes from here after his loss. Dream responds, "I said 'Dream over' in Chicago. What do you think?" and then heads off.

- Highlights of NXT Women's Champion Shayna Baszler retaining her title against Nikki Cross at TakeOver.

- Backstage after her win, Cathy spoke with Baszler about how her win and how she overcame Cross' chaos. Baszler says to stop chaos is to suck the air out of it and heads off.

- Highlights of NXT Champion Aleister Black retaining the title against Lars Sullivan at TakeOver.

- Backstage, Mike Rome attempts to speak with Black after his TakeOver match, but the champ says he can't even talk after the war he went through and limps off.

- Highlights of the NXT Tag Team Champions Undisputed Era retaining against Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch at TakeOver.

- Backstage, Cathy talks with Lorcan and Burch after their TakeOver loss. Burch says there is a combined 25 years of blood and sweat to get to the WWE and NXT and he's heartbroken that they didn't leave with the titles. They left it all in the ring though, what more can you say. Lorcan echos that saying it's pretty disappointing to lose.

- A look back at the Street Fight between Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano at TakeOver. The two had a brutal match that Ciampa would go on to win after giving a Gargano a DDT on the exposed wood beams in the ring.

- Next week: Aleister Black will make an appearance.

- Earlier today, NXT cameras catch up with EC3 and ask him what he thought of TakeOver. He says is there anything like it? It had drama and everything you'd want, except it didn't have EC3. So, going forward the top one-percent will be in one-hundred percent of the TakeOvers going forward. EC3 says he is going to demand from William Regal that he wants only the top talent in the company.

War Raiders vs. The Mighty

The Mighty out with a bit of a different look wearing black trench coats with black/grey pants. They tosses their coats at Hanson and Rowe to get in some early strikes. Rowe recovers and lands a running running knee on Thorne. Miller is in and gets suplexed, rolling out of the ring. Hanson tagged in and is thrown into Throne in the corner. Rowe is brought back in, but Miller knocks Hanson to the floor as he looked to climb up the turnbuckle. Thorne with the quick roll up, feet on the ropes, but still only two.

Miller is tagged in and lands clubbing blows on Rowe, double team move on Rowe, cover, two. The Mighty continue to get in offense as Rowe tries to fight his way back to Hanson. Rowe is finally able to do so and hits a big back body drop on Thorne. Hanson squashes Miller, cartwheel to avoid Thorne's strike and hits a big lariat. Crowd loved that sequence as they start up a "War!" chant. Rowe tosses Thorne high into the air and Hanson power slams him down. Miller break up the pin and is thrown to the outside. Hanson hits a suicide dive on Miller! Thorne gets sent to the mat, big knee to the face, Hanson gets tagged in. Guillotine leg drop by Hanson off the top rope, cover, 1-2-3.

Winners: War Raiders via Pinfall


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