WWE Reveals Rare Kenny Omega Promo, Possible WWE MYC Competitor, Steve Austin Films Commercial

- As noted, the latest Hidden Gems updates on the WWE Network features what WWE is billing as Kenny Omega's WWE Network debut, an Omega vs. Cru Jones match from Deep South Wrestling on September 3rd, 2006. WWE posted this pre-match promo from Omega.


- Tokyo Sports reports that Meiko Satomura may be entering WWE's 2018 Mae Young Classic, which is scheduled to tape in August at Full Sail University near Orlando. The paper reached out to Satomura and she said nothing is official but indicated that an announcement could be made at the WWE live event in Japan next month. Satomura has been a rival of women's star Io Shirai, who is set to begin working with WWE at the Performance Center soon.

- WWE Hall of Famer Steve Austin tweeted the following after filming a commercial with Kawasaki this week: