Indie wrestler Aerial Monroe, who recently got married to WWE Cruiserweight Champion Cedric Alexander, recently appeared on the Women’s Wrestling Weekly podcast from After Buzz TV. You can hear the interview above or download it on iTunes at this link. The show sent us the following highlights:

How positions she held prior to wrestling (Served in the Military, Worked at GameStop) have influenced her wrestling:

“Being in the Air Force has taught me a lot as far as putting my character behind me and being quiet…before…I said what was on my mind completely, but I went into a male dominant field. I was a fire truck mechanic, and there were a whole lot of men, and maybe three or four women. That has taught me to calm down a little bit. And working at GameStop…that’s helped me with marketing, a lot — knowing advertising and knowing exactly what the trends are…it’s taught me a lot as far as making friends as well.”

Top five wrestlers she would like to have matches with:

“Number one would probably be Tessa Blanchard, because we trained together. We were promised a match at PWX, but that didn’t happen. We came up together essentially. I would love to have a match with her because we have very similar styles. Next would be Savannah Evans, she’d be number two. I trained with her as well, she’s awesome and I always wanna wrestle people that are bigger than me, so I can you know, chop ’em down to size a little bit [laughs]. Jordynn Grace, I haven’t had a one with Aja Perera. I tagged with her but I haven’t had an actual match with her…I’d probably say Dynamite DiDi, because I believe that there’s something special with her. People have a habit of only booking people that they know, but I see the talent and I believe that she has something special. Oh, her and Harlow.”

Are there any wrestlers she would love re-matches with?

“I would love to have a match with Nicole Savoy, she hits hard and I love that, but not too hard where I’m mad. I would love to have another match with Shotzi, after of course, she heals up and everything. Kiera Hogan, I would like to wrestle her when I’m not terribly sick. I had that match with her in New York for Shine, and I didn’t know that I had pneumonia and that nightmare virus combined. We pulled out like a 10 or 15-minute match. I didn’t know if I was gonna make it, but I did. So it’d be nice to do one when I’m actually not sick. I’d love to have another match with Dementia D’Rose, and Vanessa Craven. Like I said I got this whole thing with tall people!”

How she met her husband, WWE Superstar Cedric Alexander:

“I met Cedric on a whim. My friend Robin was like, “Hey can you take me to my show, I’ll give you gas money.” And I said, “Sure, of course!” He didn’t tell me the show was three hours away!. He didn’t know how to drive a stick shift, so of course, I was driving the whole three and a half hours! I was hot! So I had on my little scrubs, and my Marvin the Martian hat, looking bummy, and I saw this dude walk by, and I was like, “Oh man! Robin, You didn’t tell me he was gonna be here!” And he was like, “Nah, stay away from him, that’s my boy, Cedric!” And I was like, “Well, I need to holla at your boy!” Of course, at the time, I was looking kinda rough. But still, he was like, “Oh, you know, she’s cute!” To fast forward, we moved in within 7, 8, 9 months of knowing each other. It was quick, like that love at first sight type of stuff. And now, we’re married, six years and some change later!”

What it’s like to be married to another pro wrestler and being a parent:

“It’s actually pretty amazing, because since I’m still on the Indies, I’m only gone usually on the weekends, and he usually is only gone during the weekdays. So I get to see him a couple times throughout the week, and on the weekends when he only does house shows and I don’t have shows — it kind of works itself out. Especially with having our daughter, Odessa. It gets a little challenging, but she’s smart enough to understand.”

If she’s had talks with WWE or Impact, possibly working The Mae Young Classic:

“A lot of talks. I mean, nothing that I can divulge into at this moment — but, we’ve had discussions as far as like, what would happen if I just so happened to be signed with anywhere as far as scheduling because you know, our daughter will come first in everything. It’s already hard enough on her not seeing her father enough. This is my dream — however, my child is number one.”