Alexa Bliss Reveals Her Biggest Concern With The "Money In The Bank" Ladder Match

Alexa Bliss became the second woman to call herself Ms. Money In The Bank. She cashed in her contract and captured the Raw Women's Title on the same night she won it. After dashing Ronda Rousey's hopes of winning a title in her first singles match, Bliss is now a three-time Raw Women's Champion.


Being the first woman to hold both the SmackDown and Raw Women's Titles, Bliss has experienced a few notable moments. She recently spoke to Cheap Seats podcast about winning Money In The Bank and where it ranks in her list of achievements.

"That has to definitely be up there at the time. Winning your first title – nothing can ever get in the way of that, but that was definitely up there. Perhaps at number two.

"Two victories in one night is something that hasn't happened to me before. So that definitely has to be very top. I was so nervous too because I wasn't sure that I would have been able to reach the briefcase. That was my biggest concern."

The Five Feet Of Fury revealed it wasn't intimidating to be on top of a twelve-foot ladder in Chicago. Bliss isn't afraid of heights, but she acknowledged a case of acrophobia would hinder her ability to participate in a Money In The Bank ladder match.


"Um, I'm not afraid of heights, but if I was I wouldn't be able to do it. It is so high up there. The thing is, you have the ladder, which is twelve to fourteen feet when you are standing on it. Plus, when you look down there are three feet from the bottom of the ring up into the ground. So you are that much higher."

Alexa Bliss currently holds the record for most combined days with the Raw Women's Title. She never won the NXT Women's Title though making Charlotte Flair the first to hold three different WWE Women's Titles. Bliss is scheduled to face Rousey at SummerSlam.

Peter Bahi contributed to this article.