Average Size Of A WWE Champion (Video), The Miz Touts Miz & Mrs. Success, WWE NXT Superstar Turns 35

- WWE posted this video looking at the average size of a WWE Champion. The video looks at 50 WWE Champions from 1963-2018, from Rey Mysterio at 5'6" & 175 pounds to WWE Hall of Famer Andre the Giant at 7'4" & 520 pounds. The average size of a WWE Champion is 6'3" & 269 pounds. The best visualization for a WWE Champion is WWE Hall of Famer Steve Austin at 6'2" & 252 pounds.

- WWE NXT Tag Team Champion Roderick Strong turns 35 years old today while Tessa Blanchard turns 23 and wrestling legend "Wildfire" Tommy Rich turns 62.

- As noted, Tuesday's premiere of Miz & Mrs. drew 1.473 million viewers and ranked #5 for the night in the 18-49 demographic. The Miz tweeted the following on the success of the premiere, noting that this was the USA Network's highest-rated unscripted show since 2011. Miz posted the following video with daughter Monroe Sky and thanked the media for having he & Maryse on to promote the show:


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