Backstage News On A Possible Change To A SummerSlam Title Match

SummerSlam's current Intercontinental Title match is scheduled to see Dolph Ziggler defend his championship against Seth Rollins, but it might not stay that way.

Dave Meltzer brought up Ziggler and Rollins' upcoming SummerSlam rematch during Wrestling Observer Radio where he said there is talk that this match could be switched around. He said something may happen during Rollins' match against Drew McIntyre on Raw this week to create movement toward a SummerSlam switch-up.


"Something may happen in the Rollins match [on Raw]," Meltzer said. "Because the Rollins/Ziggler match [at SummerSlam], there was some stuff that some people were going, 'it may be changed' and I asked around and there is at least talk that they change that match. I don't know if it's to a multi-person match I presume. They may not, but I guess that was going around this week."

Meltzer also noted that if we see a change in the Intercontinental Title match at SummerSlam, clues in that direction should take place on Raw this week.

Ziggler successfully defended his Intercontinental Title in the main event of Extreme Rules in an Iron Man Match. McIntyre was there to help Ziggler retain his title that night, but The Show Off might not have anyone to assist him if McIntyre is booked to fight against him.


During a recent interview with Lilian Garcia's Chasing Glory podcast, Ziggler spoke about his partnership with McIntyre and the unique chemistry between them. He said the intention was never to create a tag team, but two wrestlers who could help each other as singles stars with the same goal of attaining a top title. He also revealed his vision for the team's eventual separation.

"Hopefully in a year, [McIntyre] will punch me in the face and the arena erupts," Ziggler said. "Hopefully that will be the case, but you never know around here. We're not just a tag team with matching outfits, we're just two dudes who wanna be the champ and we're watching each other's backs so it's a little bit of a nice twist on just tag teams, you know?"

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