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* Nick Jackson is walking down a hallway and Bernard the Business Bear bumps into him, does the “I’m watching you” hand signal and keeps on walking.

* SoCal Uncensored complain about being in Nashville, Tennessee and can’t wait to get back home.

* We see some clips of Cody being involved with this season of Arrow.

* The Young Bucks talk about working a show in Nashville and cutting some promos for ROH with Marty Scurll. While Scurll cuts his promo, Nick Jackson is messing with him on the side.

* Kenny Omega gives an update from Japan about the NJPW G1 Climax. He says both he and Adam Page are a bit beat up from some of the Bullet Club OGs. Omega says he may or may not be wrestling with a heel injury, a possible fracture, but he’s working through it so he doesn’t let the fans down.

* At ROH Honor for All, Flip Gordon got a shot at NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship. Before the match, Colt Cabana really amps up Gordon about giving it his all and becoming not only the Champion, but the biggest star in the world, on YouTube, and even going to “All In.” Gordon would lose via ref stoppage to Nick Aldis. Backstage after the match, Cabana totally bails on Gordon. Cody sees him and tells Gordon it was a great match. He continues that Gordon has proven him wrong and couldn’t believe what he’s about to say, he’s going to give “it” to him…a $25 Cracker Barrel gift card. Gordon isn’t happy.

* Although we only see their legs, Matt and Nick Jackson get their IWGP Tag Team Championship titles and began walking around an arena. They get to a trash can, the camera pans out, and it’s actually Chuck Taylor and Trent Barreta with the titles. Nick and Matt walk up and wonder what they’re doing with their titles and if they were going to throw them in the trash. Chuck and Trent awkwardly walk away.

* Marty Scurll comes into Nick Aldis’ dressing room. Aldis mentions Scurll’s big match with Kazuchika Okada at “All In,” and asks him if he’s nervous. Scurll says no and wonders why he’d ask that? Aldis calls it a “bit of an upgrade, he’s a heavyweight.” Aldis says no disrespect, but Scurll is a Junior Heavyweight. Scurll gets all kinds of grumpy at the thought that he couldn’t handle Okada. Aldis gets him to chill out and offers up the idea of holding the NWA title so he can visualize himself as champion and maybe it will help with his uphill battle against Okada. Scurll takes it and has trouble holding it, “How much does this weigh?!” Aldis says “It’s ten pounds of gold, Marty.” Scurll replies, “I’m f—– against Okada, aren’t I?”

* Adam Page is telling Yujiro Takahashi about a dream he just had and they bump into Juice Robinson. Robinson wonders why Page still doesn’t have any shoes on and asks about Joey. Page goes to choke him and Robinson says “Joey Janela!” Robinson says he’s heard Janela is a badass, both Takahashi and Page disagree. Page says he doesn’t want Janela on the show ever again.

* Cody Rhodes, Nick and Matt Jackson are in the kitchen and Cody wonders what this week’s typical cliffhanger will be. Matt and Nick say they have nothing this week, but how about an “All In” match announcement? Adam Page will take on Joey Janela (with Penelope Ford) on September 1.

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