Bobby Lashley On Being Different From Other WWE Stars, Mojo Rawley's Birthday, The Authors Of Pain

- Above is video of Bobby Lashley speaking after last night's RAW Triple Threat win over Seth Rollins and Elias. Lashley will now face Roman Reigns on next week's show to determine the SummerSlam opponent for WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar. Lashley gives props to Elias and Rollins but says he is a different breed, different than the rest of the Superstars. Lashley says he brings something different to the table and that is why he's on the path that he is on. Regarding next week's match, Lashley says Reigns does not want to get back into the ring with him because he is the man right now, the one who is supposed to win the title. Lashley says Reigns is just a little bump in the road and he will move on to Lesnar next.


- Mojo Rawley turns 32 years old today while former TNA Knockout Daffney turns 43 and Lacey Von Erich turns 31. Also, today would have been the 59th birthday of former WCW referee Randy Anderson.

- Rezar of The Authors of Pain tweeted the following after their win over Titus Worldwide on last night's RAW, plugging their new WWE Shop release: