Booker T Recalls Conversation With David Arquette After Arquette Won The WCW World Championship

Many fans point to David Arquette's short reign as WCW World Heavyweight Champion as one of the worst moments in the company's history. The Scream star recently returned to professional wrestling and Booker T loves it.

Arquette captured the WCW World Heavyweight Championship on the April 25, 2000 episode of WCW Thunder and Booker T was there. He spoke about an interaction he had with Arquette after his title win which Booker T claims was the catalyst to his own championship reigns.

"I love it, man I'm a big fan of David Arquette," Booker admitted. "People don't know about the WCW story and if they don't I'll tell you. When David Arquette won the World Title he was back in the locker room and he was just sitting across from me and he was looking at the title. He was pretty happy for a minute and he goes, 'man that's pretty cool isn't it?' And I go, 'yeah that's pretty cool.' He looks at me and he goes, 'Booker how many times have you won the World Championship?' And I go, 'man. I've never won it. I've never won it before.'

TMZ reported Arquette injured two ribs while wrestling secretly in Tijuana Mexico to train for his return to the ring against RJ City at a recent CWF Hollywood show. Arquette was defeated by RJ City, but the crowd was thoroughly entertained.

Booker T said Arquette mentioning his name on television may have helped to put him in a higher position.

"He took a big breath his eyes got big he couldn't believe it. And the following night he went out on television and he goes, 'I don't deserve this championship. People like Booker T should have this championship.' So he's probably one of the biggest reasons I became World Champion and people don't even really understand or realize that. That he was just in a position and if anyone else would have been in the position that David Arquette was in they would have taken it as well."