Bruce Prichard On What Inspired CM Punk To Get Pepsi Tattoo, Punk Being Straight Edge

As noted, this week's season finale of the "Something Else to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard" podcast on the WWE Network features a discussion on CM Punk. Above is video of Prichard and co-host Conrad Thompson talking about Punk's straight-edge lifestyle.

"CM Punk, growing up his father was an alcoholic and Punk did not get along, did not have a good relationship with his father growing up, and hated... everything around him is in disarray and he credited that to his father being an alcoholic," Prichard said. "Punk swore that he wasn't going to let that affect him and that's where he really adopted the straight-edge... which is, you don't drink, you don't do drugs and you live your life on your terms and your rules, but you don't need any strenuous substances in your body."

The video also features throwback footage of Punk talking about tattoos. Prichard talked about Punk's interest in ink and how he was a different type of person.

"He really liked tattoos. He got into tattoos and what have you," Prichard said. "There's a story of the big Pepsi tattoo where he was reading an article about one of his favorite music stars, who got a Coca-Cola tattoo because they liked Coke. And he says, 'Well, you know what? I like Pepsi so I'm going to get a Pepsi logo on my arm.' And it was interesting stories like that. CM Punk's a different cat, he's a different type of person that goes along life to the beat of his own drum, and he has a very, really simplistic way of looking at things. People a lot of times want to complicate it. It's not that hard - he doesn't drink, he doesn't do drugs, and he wants to do things his way, and be the best. It all boils down to that simple of a philosophy."

The new episode of Prichard's podcast is now available on the WWE Network. There's no word yet on the status of the show but Prichard said he hopes they will be brought back for season 2.


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