Randy Orton took the microphone this week on SmackDown Live and cut a promo on the fans blaming them for his heel turn. He inserted real-life issues in his promo as well which amplified his point.

Orton created controversy last year when he commented on a meme chastising indie wrestling. The gist of the message was indie wrestling follows a formula and consists of one dive after another with little selling. The Viper was sure to mention that he doesn’t do any dives and questioned if this was why fans weren’t drawn to him during his promo this week.

Bully Ray was impressed when he watched Orton’s promo on SmackDown this week. The WWE Hall Of Famer discussed Orton’s segment on Busted Open Radio and praised the way he utilized his time. The third-generation Superstar utilized his words and tone to make the segment even more believable, but the success of his promo was a combination of many factors.

“I enjoyed a variety of things on SmackDown starting out with Orton’s promo which I think he knocked out of the park,” Bully Ray said. “I think he did a great job with it and it was a lot of things. It was the words he was saying and it was also the tone in his voice, the inflection in his voice and the way he delivered it.”

Orton’s promo on SmackDown Live touched on several aspects of the professional wrestling business. He gave fans a rare glimpse backstage as he discussed some issues seldom addressed on television.

Orton even took a shot at The Bullet Club, saying, “I’m not some indie darling that competed in run-down bingo halls and I didn’t steal some sweet hand gesture either.”

Bully went on to discuss the crowd’s reaction and how their silence was due more to anticipation than disinterest. This was a real moment in professional wrestling where Orton was able to exhibit his skills on the microphone. Orton created an honest moment on SmackDown Live where he genuinely seemed upset which only helped sell the angle even more.

“Randy Orton believed everything he was saying last night,” Bully Ray continued. “If you listened to the reaction of the people, there was hush over the crowd. That hush wasn’t that they were disinterested. It was a hush like, ‘oh my god Randy does sound pissed off and it sounds like he’s about to take out all his frustrations out on a lot of different people.”

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