Carmella spoke with News-Press on training with WWE, getting reactions from fans, and the WWE women’s division. Here are some of the highlights:

Getting more reactions out of people these days:

“More people are hating on everything I do. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. I feel very fortunate to be the face of the women’s division on SmackDown Live and defend that championship any opportunity that I get.”

Being a homegrown talent in WWE:

“You know, a lot’s changed in a year. About a year ago is when I won the Money in the Bank contract and when I kind of put myself on the map. Now being the champion, it solidifies all the hard work. And it’s also a testament to the [WWE] Performance Center and all the hard work the trainers put in down there and the hard work I put in, as well. That’s where you learn to hone your craft. I didn’t come from wrestling, and I never wrestled outside of WWE. So I’m kind of a homegrown talent. I learned everything from the performance center and NXT.”

State of the WWE Women’s Division:

“Oh, I think that people are taking it more seriously now more than ever. The women are main-eventing pay-per-views. ? We’re having ladder matches. You name it, we’re doing it. It’s to the point now where it’s not even a big deal if the women main event on SmackDown or on Raw, because it’s just kind of become the norm. Whereas before, it was like, ‘Oh my God, the women are main-eventing Smackdown Live tonight!’ Now it’s no big deal. The women are the norm.”

Carmella also discussed on transition from dance to pro wrestling. You can check out the full interview by clicking here.