Chavo Guerrero Recalls Having Confidence To Follow Hulk Hogan On SmackDown Because Of Eddie

Eddie Guerrero influenced many people during his life. Eddie tragically passed away on November 13, 2005, and he was promptly placed into the WWE Hall Of Fame the following year. One person he greatly influenced was his nephew Chavo Guerrero Jr, and the two had many special moments together in WWE.


Chavo recently spoke to E&C's Pod Of Awesomeness where he discussed the confidence Eddie gave him to perform in the ring. Edge and Chavo discussed their past encounters in the squared circle saying they didn't remember how great their matches were. Thanks to fans reminding them, later on, they can look back and see they had something special.

During Hulk Hogan's 2002-2003 return to WWE, he was incredibly popular making him a tough act to follow. Chavo said working with Eddie made it no problem to know he could follow even Hogan because the Guerreros were unlike anything else in WWE.

"I remember it was a SmackDown and Hogan had come back and right before I think it was me and Eddie against [Edge] and Rey, maybe even [Edge] and Kidman," Chavo said. "I think it was me, [Edge] and Rey. Hogan went before us and man the place went nuts, it went crazy and Michael Hayes came up where me and Eddie were in the Gorilla Position and goes, 'man I'm sorry guys that we put you guys up to that, you have to follow that.'


"I looked at Michael and said, 'I don't care, we're totally different than that. Trust me, we'll follow it.' We came back and sure enough, he was like, 'wow you guys did!' I just felt this confidence when me and Eddie were together and we could be entertaining and be totally different, you know?"

Chavo is currently working for Lucha Underground and is a member of the team on Netflix's GLOW as well.

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