Cody Rhodes Talks Biggest Challenge Planning "All In," Wearing Multiple Hats, Flip Gordon Not Booked

Above is the latest "All Us" video featuring Cody Rhodes talking about some of the challenges involved with putting together the event, wearing multiple hats, and Flip Gordon not being on the show. Here are some of the highlights:


Biggest challenge with planning the event:

"The biggest challenge has been? I've got to come out of my mental age a little bit. I'm 33, but I act like I'm 14, I feel 14. I do a lot of the clerical stuff with "All In," the e-mails, the formats, things of that nature. I'm learning as I go, but some of the folks in production, I don't think they're used to my bubbly, vivid self in this very cut and dry world of production, but they're getting used to it. That's the biggest challenge for me is to know when I've got to straighten [my] tie and grow up a little bit here."

Wearing multiple hats:

"'The Dream' himself came up with Starrcade in 1983 and the 'A Flair for the Gold' and he's not on the event, he's just the Executive Producer, 'Booker,' whatever vernacular you're using. So now, for me, Matt, and Nick's first event, we're all wrestling, but I can say we all had that same thought of, 'Maybe we won't. Maybe we won't wrestle. Maybe we'll just put a baseball cap on and sit in Gorilla and look for camera shots.' ... Matt, Nick, and myself have all said the same thing, I've told them both, 'You have to be there, you have to wrestle, The Young Bucks have to perform at All In.' They've said the same to me and the last matches that were really, really picked with a fine-tooth comb? because we've had this card for some time, we were the last ones to service and I think that's how it should be."


Flip Gordon not being on "All In":

"I don't know, if I'm being honest, something about Flip just rubs me the wrong way. I can't tell if he's a 'bulls—ter.' I can't tell if he's just saying what you want to hear, and that's why I just never joined in with Matt and Nick and the whole Flip love fest. ... At this point the card is full and he had a multitude of opportunities, but in his final opportunity – if you saw it – obviously, I was touched. He proved Matt and Nick right, and he proved me wrong. My hypocrisy can only go so far and I am a fan of Flip Gordon's, I genuinely am. If we're talking about two years from now he's a big part of your roster. If we're talking Flip five years from now he may be the franchise of your roster. He's incredibly special and it took me awhile to see it and unfortunately it took me too long to see it. So, maybe if we do an All In 2, maybe Flip Gordon can be part of that."

Again, you can see Rhodes' full comments in the video above.

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