Davey Boy Smith Jr. Talks Past Incidents With Jake Roberts And Scott Hall

"The British Bulldog" Davey Boy Smith passed away far too soon at 39-years of age. His son, Davey Boy Smith Jr., had an altercation with Jake "The Snake" Roberts at WrestleCon on April 7th while defending his father's memory. Smith, Jr. threw coffee at Roberts during the altercation, but it is all water under the bridge now.


Smith is carrying on his father's legacy in New Japan Pro Wrestling as a former three-time IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Champion. Hannibal TV recently spoke to Smith while he was attending Owen Hart's induction into the George Tragos/Lou Thesz Professional Wrestling Hall Of Fame.

"I got no problem with Jake," Smith said when he was asked about Roberts. "We buried the hatchet and I talked to him. He dropped whatever charges he had."

Smith said he confronted Roberts after the WWE Hall Of Famer spoke on Rowdy Roddy Piper's podcast and besmirched his father's name. Piper called to apologize later, but Smith said Roberts kept talking about his father in interviews. Smith was also informed of one interview that was so bad, the publication decided to scrap the piece altogether.


"A guy in England told me that he was trying to talk to Jake about his current sobriety and his path of that," Smith said. "[Roberts] turned the whole interview into burying Davey and he told me that [Roberts] said Davey was pretty much Charles Manson. I was offended, [the journalist] said he wasn't even going to put the interview up. I was mad about that. I confronted [Roberts] about it and he didn't want to apologize and he kinda threw his arms up like, 'that's the way it is, kid.'

"I wanted to talk to him diplomatically and he didn't and I was prepared to fight him and he didn't want to fight me, but he wanted to mouth off to me. [Roberts] said something like, 'f–k you, f–k your dad' — he said something about my dad and I saw red there. Anybody who would be in my boots would have done the same thing so I just threw coffee at him and then his daughter was the one that attacked me and she got mad.

"[Roberts' daughter] called the cops and the cops came and I left because she was killing my merchandise sales," Davey Boy explained. He then went to Tommy Dreamer's Hardcore Heaven show and the Innovator Of Violence invited the police to come and speak with Smith, but they never showed up.


Smith said police weren't looking for him and he wasn't on the run. He was able to speak to Roberts later on and the two came to a civil agreement.

"Long story short," Smith said, "I talked to Jake and we had a good conversation and he apologized and he said he wasn't going to bring up Davey's name anymore in interviews. He was very cool, you know? He said he understood where I was coming from with his father Grizzly Smith being in the business. He said he didn't want me to get in trouble for this. So he asked me to apologize publically and I'm a man of my word and I did it."

Smith admitted "we're all human, everybody makes mistakes" and he would shake Roberts' hand if he were there to do so.

Scott Hall also had an online spat with the Hart Family over a comment he made. One user tweeted out: "Lex Luger & Davey Boy Smith were everyone a kid from the 90s wanted as a tag team" to which Hall replied, "You mean failed single wrestlers."

"f–k you [Scott Hall]," Davey Boy Smith's daughter Georgia Smith replied via Twitter, "my Dad was not a failed man in any way. Don't have the fondest memories of you as a child, and haven't seen much recently that makes me think you've changed. Three of your five best matches involved my family, and you didn't win one of them."


Diana Hart, Davey Boy's wife replied backing up her daughter's comments, "Well said, Georgia Smith. I say Scott Hall overrates himself. He's a jealous, bitter wrestler who hated taking bumps, never went off his feet, was lucky he got anywhere in wrestling with his limited mentality and technical ability, but no limit to all of his fears AKA weak!"

Hannibal asked Smith about the comments from Hall and he said it was an inside joke between Hall and his father. Unfortunately, it could have been handled in a way to lessen the risk of explosive miscommunication.

"[Hall] had made some stupid comment on Twitter, of course," Smith said. "I don't know if he was under the influence of something if he was drunk but — [he said] that Davey and Lex Luger are jobbers and I think my mother made a post on Twitter."

Smith said he messaged Hall about the tweet but didn't receive a reply. Once he talked to him, Hall explained that it was simply a misinterpreted backstage joke.

"He explained to me that he and Davey used to rib each other," Smith said. "He would say, 'oh Davey you'd be nothing without Lex, cause you're a jobber.' Then [Davey Boy] would go, 'Razor, you'd be nothing without The Kid [Sean Waltman], you're a jobber' and they'd go back and forth. I went, 'okay man that's cool. If you could have just said that in a message I would have said, 'alright.' I just told him not to let that f–king happen again."


If you use any portion of the quotes in this article please credit Hannibal TV with a H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription