Disco Inferno Opens Up About Online Confrontation With Cody Rhodes

Disco Inferno rubbed Cody Rhodes the wrong way when he commented on a picture of The American Nightmare's busted eyebrow. He sustained the injury after taking a kick to the face from Kenny Omega at Sakura Genesis.


When Disco saw the graphic photo of Cody's wound, he tweeted out: "Nobody knows how to 'work' anymore. They would rather kill each other to get Dave Meltzer to put their match over. That is a problem that needs to be put front and center. Guys are going to keep getting hurt."

It didn't take Cody long to reply saying, "Stop. You know nothing. You have drawn 0 dollars. No fan has ever left a show thinking about you. You were lucky to be a juiced up double-lifer 'over with the boys' type in an era where you hid in plain sight coasting on others' success. Couldn't hang then, can't get booked now."

Disco Interno recently appeared on The Matt Rivera Show where he was asked about his online confrontation with Cody. Disco said in the end, it came down to a misunderstanding. He explained there was no attempt to bury anyone with his statements because he knows what it's like to be on both sides of the curtain.


"I think he completely misinterpreted what I was saying because I wasn't burying him. I've worked, I've been on a writing team, and I've been an agent, okay. So, if I'm critical of somebody, like wrestlers, like I do sometimes on the podcast. It's not anything like if I was there agent, I wouldn't be saying right to their face, of course, the fans are going to say, 'Oh, you're just hating him.' No, I'm not hating, this is what I did for a living. That's the perspective that I'm critical on commentary with professional wrestling these days."

The former WCW star also went into some detail about how modern-day pro wrestling has lost its way. Disco said pro wrestling today displays poor psychology because it doesn't represent what anyone would actually do in a fight. He also said a younger generation is growing up not watching old school pro wrestling and it's only adding to the problem.

"Now we have this younger generation of people that grew up, that didn't watch that wrestling, when it was like a suspended disbelief and pretending two guys are in a fight, they've accepted this as professional wrestling. That it's acrobatics, it's spots, it's a performance? and that's kind of where wrestling's lost its way. The shows now are just a bunch of critics that kind of just applaud the performance. They're not emotionally invested."