Don Callis On Why Impact Wrestling Doesn't Do Scripted Promos

As noted, Don Callis hosted the Killing The Town podcast after last Sunday's Slammiversary pay-per-view. You can listen to the podcast here, below are some more highlights:

Scripted promos:

"Someone asked me like a week ago, 'well do you write promos for guys?' I'm like, 'No'. Then they're like, 'Yeah, but you're a great promo'. I'm like, 'Yeah, I can do a Don Callis promo better than anyone in this business. But if I start telling Eddie Edwards how to do a promo, he might sound a lot like Don Callis but that's not what we want!' I think it really is about the promo thing is about getting people comfortable with themselves and we're in a business where a lot of people come into this business not comfortable in their own skin. And now we're telling them, 'be this whole another character'."


Sami Callihan:

"He's so good at being Sami Callihan and being the type of heel that he is that he's probably gonna end up being a huge babyface at some point, because he's like that undersized guy who never backs down and just fights."

His initial impressions of OVE:

"Talking about being wrong about guys, I remember last October, and I told the Crists this yesterday, I remember calling Scott because I knew I was probably gonna end up coming in here, I just hadn't negotiated my deal yet. I remember watching the TV and just going, 'Oh my god. This is so bad. Who the hell are OVE? These guys are awful.' I'm like, 'Fire these two. This is brutal.' Now they're one of my favourite acts because they do so much nuanced comedy stuff with Sami that's sort of not supposed to be funny, and they're really talented wrestlers. You just gotta give them a chance and that's one of the best acts we've got, it's those three. It's awesome."