Eddie Edwards On Sami Callihan: "He's Most Famous For Being Unsafe In The Ring"

Eddie Edwards is set to face Tommy Dreamer at Slammiversary in a House Of Hardcore Rules Match. Wrestling Inc. President Raj Giri recently spoke to Edwards as he prepares for his battle in Toronto with an ECW Original. Edwards' last feud with Sami Callihan brought Impact Wrestling mainstream attention when a botched spot in the ring resulted in Edwards taking a baseball bat to the face.

"Obviously getting hit in the face with a bat is not something that you want to happen," Edwards said. "The way it worked out with no long-term injuries or anything like that. The way it worked out it got people talking. It got media outlets tuning in and following the story so that's obviously a good thing.

"That's something we had to run with. To not run with that would be stupid so I think we made the best of a kinda weird and crazy situation. We made the best of that going forward and I think that momentum has kinda stuck around and we continue going forward with that."

Edwards vs Dreamer isn't the only high-profile match on the Slammiversary card this Sunday. Edwards discussed his former foes' current feud with Pentagon Jr. and commented that he plans on watching if he can.

"Of course I'm keeping my eye on Pentagon and Sami's hair vs mask match," Edwards said regarding what other Slammiversary match he's looking forward to. "That's something I will be paying close attention to if I'm able to, of course."

Edwards was asked if he felt like his story with Callihan had come to a conclusion. The former American Wolf noted that getting hit in the face with a baseball bat sticks with you. Due to all the attention the two earned during their rivalry, it's doubtful Edwards will be able to simply forget about his battles with Callihan.

"That's something that will stick with me forever in my career, though my life. The history that we now have that's not something that kinda fades away. That's something that's always there. It's always going to be in the back of my mind.

"It should be in the fans' minds. I don't know many people who have been hit in the face with a baseball bat and their wife stalked and all that. If you ever went through that, that's not something you forget about. So Sami can say it's over and this and that, but you know down the road who knows what's gonna happen."

In response to Callihan saying Edwards is most famous for being smashed in the face with a baseball bat, Eddie replied: "he's most famous for being unsafe in the ring so there you go."

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