Elias Talks Facing The Undertaker At MSG This Weekend

Elias has enjoyed far more success on the main roster than he achieved in NXT. He became a top heel as he serenades crowds and insults them at the same time. Elias is set for a big match as he takes part in a six-man tag at Madison Square Garden tomorrow night. He is set to team with Kevin Owens and Baron Corbin to face The Undertaker, Roman Reigns, and Braun Strowman and he recently spoke to the New York Post about his initial thoughts on facing The Dead Man.

"I said, 'that is the perfect matchup,'" Elias revealed. "I would have preferred if it was one-on-one, but that would probably happen somewhere down the line. This will be the first-ever meeting of The Deadman and The Living Truth."

Elias was asked if the possibly taking a Tombstone is one of those life events that are unfortunate but it will be good to tell your kids about. Elias laughed at the question before responding it will be cooler to say he sang an insulting song about Taker before he makes his entrance.

"Yeah, that's always something you can say down the line, but I think it will be more noteworthy to say, "You know what, I sold out Madison Garden and I sang a song that insulted The Undertaker right before he came out."

Elias put on an impromptu Bourbon Street concert during WrestleMania weekend. While he remained open to the idea of more spontaneous musical performances down the line, it would need to be the right situation to happen. He also used this chance to note that he still has plenty more original music to come.

"It would have to be the right city, the right place, the right town, you know all that stuff, but I've got plenty of original music and I love to have fun and just entertain. So, I would absolutely do it."


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