Finn Balor Says Baron Corbin Sounds Like A "B--ch," Adam Cole Talks NXT Debut, Seth Rollins Note

- As seen in the video above, Adam Cole spoke to the So Catch By Hal YouTube Channel about his NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III debut. Cole discussed the butterflies he had before coming out, and admitted that he had some doubts before making his big entrance in Brooklyn.

"I had definitely a combination of emotions for me," Cole said. "I was really, really excited but then at the same time and again, I had been wrestling for ten years prior to that point, but never for WWE. Even though I had wrestled all over the world I was hoping and thinking, 'guys I really hope the fans know who I am.'

"You're nervous about the moment, are they just gonna sit there or are they gonna be really excited? So fortunately when I was really pumped and they were really amped I was like, 'oh thank god okay.' So yeah it ended up being one of my favorite nights of my wrestling career, so much fun."

- Seth Rollins will be appearing at iPlay America this Saturday in Freehold, NJ from 11am to 2pm. You can get more details here.

- Finn Balor and Baron Corbin are continuing their feud on Twitter. The Lone Wolf sent a tweet toward Balor calling him a coward, cheat, and a problem. Balor replied saying Corbin sounds like a famous Meredith Brooks song called "b---h." Balor and Corbin briefly crossed paths in NXT, but haven't had a singles program with each other so far. It has yet to be announced if they will have a match at the Extreme Rules pay-per-view. You can check out their exchange below:


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