Former WCW Announcer Criticizes Kenny Omega Vs. Cody Match From 'G1 Special'

In an attempt to continue the expansion to the United States, New Japan Pro Wrestling presented its second G1 Special event, which occurred at the Cow Palace in San Francisco, California. The show was headlined by IWGP Heavyweight Champion Kenny Omega competing against former Bullet Club ally Cody Rhodes.


During the match, Omega executed a dangerous spot by doing a running release powerbomb to Cody from the inside to outside of the ring. Unfortunately, for Cody, the table did not do to much to add relief to the spot, as he landed hard on the floor. This spot further mandated Cody to take time off to heal, and he tweeted that he will take time off to prepare for "All In" on September 1. Cody will also take time off for another project, which is why he changed his hair from blonde to black again.

To many traditional American wrestling fans, the very tough style of Japanese Wrestling is not heavily favored. Following the match, legendary ring announcer Gary Michael Cappetta aired his frustration via social media of Cody taking that spot from Omega.


"WRESTLER ALERT: Human bodies aren't made to do this," said Cappetta. "Please stop shortening your valuable careers. Stop limiting the health and happiness of your post wrestling lives."

This is not the only dangerous spot of the evening, as IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion Hiromu Takahashi reportedly suffered a broken neck following taking a spot from Dragon Lee and landing on his head.

Last year, Tomoaki Honma suffered a career-threatening injury after being the recipient of a draping DDT, injuring his cervical vertebrae. Also in 2017, former NEVER Openweight Champion Katsuyori Shibata suffered a severe brain injury after delivering a stiff headbutt to Kazuchika Okada. This injury has jeopardized whether Shibata will ever have an in-ring career again.