Gentleman Jervis Says He's Doing His Best To Secure A WWE Tryout

Gentleman Jervis has a proclivity to kindness and unique offense. His gimmick of The World's Sweetest Man is illustrated through his demeanor and move set as well. Prior to speaking with Jervis, the masked wrestler won his match against Casey King with grappling skills and unconventional offense before utilizing an ankle lock.


I questioned Jervis on his unconventional offense and he explained how it fits with his character. He doesn't want to harm his opponents, yet he still wants to compete. Therefore, Jervis uses moves like tickling and rocking his opponent to sleep as an alternative to achieve his goal.

"I like to try and defeat my opponents without harming them at all. I mean if you tickle somebody momentarily it will fluster them or flummox them, but they won't be hurt by it. That I suppose is why I try to adopt the strategy to do everything I can without hurting them or slamming them or punching them or kicking. Because I'm not violent, but I do like to compete.


"So I guess my innovative offense comes from how can I hurt this person the least while also winning the match."

Jervis said WWE is his next step and feels he would be a unique asset to Vince McMahon and Company. He also addressed the idea of taking off his mask, but WWE isn't his only option if they don't want the Gentlemen Jervis character.

"WWE I think," Jervis said when asked about the next phase in his career. "There was a time when I didn't think I belonged there. I didn't think I was good enough, but I believe now that I'm unique and you're special like a snowflake.

"I'm going to do my best to get a tryout [with WWE]. You know another thing everybody always says to me is, 'Jervey boy, if you're going to try out there you should lose your hood.' I say, 'what does that mean?' They say — 'lose your mask' and I say... 'this is my face.'

"This is the truest I've ever been so I won't lose this for anyone. If WWE won't have me this way then perhaps I'll go to New Japan. Or perhaps you'll see me on Saturday Night Live. But I promise you, I'm going to continue spreading my message of kindness and sweetness and gentleness all over the world. Because we need it now more than ever."

If Jervis took off his mask and went to a WWE tryout very few people would know it was him. Jervis didn't seem interested in retiring the character if WWE signed him to a contract. WWE might not want his character much like how Sami Zayn had to lose the El Generico mask. Jervis said he has given thought to if he would pass the torch on to someone else if WWE became a reality for him.


"You know I've always given that a thought about whether I'd pass the mantel on sort of like Batman or Captain America. Right now I think that well, actually I do train a lot of students, a lot of grapplers. I think there are some out there who could pass on that message and carry it on."