Impact VP Don Callis On If Scarlett Bordeaux Character Is A Jab At WWE's Women's Revolution

Don Callis was on the Killing The Town podcast with Paul Lazenby. On the episode, he discussed some of the controversy surrounding the Scarlett Bordeaux character. You can listen to the podcast here, below are some highlights courtesy of Wrestling Inc. reader Himanshu D:

People getting offended by the Scarlett Bordeaux character:

"See now, I did not see that because I was following her name on Twitter during the show and it was like 90% positive. The worst thing I saw, someone wrote an article and said, 'Well, they've gotta be very careful about how they do this'. The good thing was the person was smart enough to understand that what Scarlett is doing is she's basically saying, 'Hey, I am not going to be told how to dress and how to look and that I shouldn't look how God made me and I'm not gonna cover up because some man or whatever thinks it's politically correct for me to cover up. If I wanna dress like this, I'm gonna dress like this. This is me.' And I thought that was an empowering message from her. But some people, you know, they look for things to be offended about and whatever. I'm unclear as to what anything she said was offensive. Also, let's all understand this is a wrestling show! Did you get mad at the lead heel in the last movie you saw and wanna go and send the actor letters because he didn't like his character? Everyone's playing a role here so let's just be clear.

"But I thought it was interesting what she did and I think that people will be pleasantly surprised as we move forward. She's actually a very good wrestler and I think it got people talking in a good way and yeah, I think people are going, 'Oh, what are they gonna do?' and I don't know what they think is gonna happen here but you never know! You're gonna have to tune in to IMPACT on Pop TV in the USA every Thursday night at 8'o clock or on Game TV and the fabulous Fight Network in Canada to check it out. It is must-see programming especially the most recent tapings from Toronto in the Rebel Entertainment Complex. What a great venue. I think our male demographic will go up with Scarlett."

Whether the Scarlett Bordeaux character was a jab at the WWE's recent Women's Revolution:

"You know this is true and I don't mean this as a knock because I don't watch anything. It's funny, I used to laugh when I would hear Eric Bischoff talk about back in the WCW days that he didn't watch ECW, like, 'I never watch that'. I was like, 'Oh BS he didn't watch it'. No, I now believe that Eric Bischoff did not watch ECW or much of anything else because he wouldn't have any goddamn time to do it, and I totally understand that. So I legitimately haven't watched WWE in many, many, many years and it's not because I don't want to or because it's not great, I mean I'm a subscriber to the Network and all that but you know, you just don't have time. I don't watch other promotions either.

"So yeah, I don't know what they're doing on that. This was an independent kind of a thing with Scarlett and I think she's gonna be a star and she's gonna do a great job with it. And I think if you've learnt nothing else from watching IMPACT the last 6 or 7 months, I think you should know that if you think you know what's gonna happen, you probably don't, and that's probably how entertainment should be."