- Last night's episode of Impact saw the debut of "The Ballsy Badass" Shotzi Blackheart, who faced Allie in her first match since losing the Knockouts Championship to Su Yung on the May 31 episode.

In a pre-match interview with Alicia Atout, Blackheart said "this mango is ready to tango" and that she's "ready to rock." She said Allie is her target and asked, "Who's your daddy?" Blackheart then ended the interview by howling like a wolf.

After Blackheart missed a top rope maneuver, Allie hit the Codebreaker for the win.

This match was taped on June 2 in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Shotzi, who wrestles for RISE Wrestling and various other independent promotions, landed the opportunity after making a "tremendous impression" upon Impact Wrestling officials in May at both the "Lights, Camera, Action: The Art of TV" seminar and RISE ASCENT television tapings in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

According to Dave Meltzer in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Blackheart is currently out of action after breaking her ankle on July 6 during a match for Hoodslam in Oakland, California. Delilah Doom also broke her ankle, and RISE Wrestling said that both competitors will be out of action "for some time." Both Blackheart and Doom were slated to tour Japan this week for Stardom.

- Impact Wrestling has added Brooke Tessmacher's theme song to their classic theme song collection on YouTube.

Tessmacher real name Brooke Adams wrestled regularly for Impact Wrestling from 2010 through 2015 and became a three-time Knockouts Champion. She officially left the promotion in November 2015, which she later revealed to be due to pregnancy. After giving birth in September 2016, she returned for a very brief stint in January 2017 where she wrestled three TV matches over the course of four days. In June 2017, Adams confirmed she's not under contract to Impact Wrestling and was unsure of a return. She is currently expecting a second child.

Baby girl had her anatomy scan done today. Heart, stomach, bladder, brain, and spine are all perfect. I've gained way more weight than I wanted to at this point but I've got to remember it's about keeping my baby healthy and not what I look like. Thank you so much @westonwaynepiper for being my rock and telling me I'm beautiful no matter what. Thank you for reminding me this is part of it and what she needs to thrive. You made me feel so silly for even for a split second thinking I need to diet more. Why am I sharing this? Because I am human just like everyone else. I wasn't born perfect by any means and like a lot of woman have a hard time excepting what comes with pregnancy sometimes. One day I look at myself and stand proud of the strong woman I am and proud of what my body has created no matter what scars it's left on me. Other days I get down about how small my waist use to be and I think how I can I fix my mommy flaws. This is a battle I have every week and I know so many of you have as well. I am here to tell you that you are beautiful and perfect with your new body. There are millions of woman who would gladly wear your pregnancy and postpartum body who don't have the ability to have children. So wear it proudly and like I have to do often remember your little angel relies completely on you for their health. Keep yourself healthy mind, body, and soul! ?? #pregnancy #maternity #itsagirl #bump #pregnant #23weekspregnant #pregnantandbeautiful #pregnancysymptoms

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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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