Impact Wrestling Results (7/5): Rich Swann Vs Fenix, Big Debut And Returns To Impact Wrestling

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- On last week's show: Tessa Blanchard had a challenge for Madison Rayne and ended up losing in the main event. Rich Swann enjoyed a successful debut match against Trevor Lee, Desi Hit Squad were victorious in tag team action, and Matt Sydal defeated Dezmond Xavier.

- Location: Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Rich Swann vs Fenix

Fenix and Swann got started exchanging holds until Fenix grabbed Swann's arm and did a springboard from the second to the third with an arm drag to pop the crowd. Fenix and Swann kept at it and were evenly matched as they hit double dropkicks and then they reset.

Fenix went to the outside and Swann tried to hit a moonsault but Fenix caught him. Then Fenix flipped over Swann and Rich landed a kick to the midsection so he could climb up and hit a flipping dive to the outside. Fenix had to kind of run to catch him, but he got there.

Once they returned to the inside, they traded some more counters. Fenix flipped out of the tree of woe and sent Swann out of the ring to hit a dive to the outside on the former WWE Cruiserweight Champion.

Fenix climbed up top and Swann rolled away but Fenix landed on his feet and jumped up to hit a cutter for a near fall. Swann countered another cutter with a handstand and then they went flipping off the roped and they shot off the roped flipping to hit each other with what looked like double neckbreakers. It was all moving very fast.

The match continued and Swann hit a modified fisherman's bomb and a kick to the head followed by a 450 splash for a near fall. "Fight forever" chants broke out.

Fenix turned things around and he placed Swann on the top rope and then he hit a rana off the top followed by a Fire Thunder Driver for a near fall. Swann landed a kick and tried to climb to the top rope but Fenix plucked him off the top rope and hit a spinning powerbomb from a muscle buster starting position for the win.

Winner: Fenix

Suddenly, Dave and Jake Crist ran down and assaulted Fenix. They tried to take his mask but scattered when Pentagon hit the ring to clear them off. Suddenly, Penta kicked Fenix and landed his finisher before taking off his mask to reveal it was Callihan wearing Penta's mask. Then oVe tried to hold Fenix so they could take off his mask but Swann jumped in.

oVe and Callihan beat Swann down and then just as he was bout to get the mask off, the real Pentagon Jr ran down and took everyone out. People love yelling, "Cero Miedo."

- They hyped Killer Kross' debut tonight while Don Callis said he had bare-knuckle boxing experience in Canada and some pro wrestling training. They showed Killer Kross pounding a wall backstage with his forearm over and over again to pump himself up for his debut next.

- Allie and Madison Rayne were interviewed about facing Su Yung and a Bridesmaid tonight. Madison said she's never faced anyone like Su Yung but there's nobody she'd rather have in her corner than someone like Allie who has walked through the darkness and came out the other side.

Fallah Bahh vs Killer Kross

Fallah Bahh tried to put Killer Cross down with a tackle but Kross no-sold it. Kross took a splash in the corner and a few chops, then he hit some rapid-fire chops. Bahh went for another running move but Kross came out of the corner and hit a clothesline.

Kross no-sold a chop and invited Bahh to hit him as hard as he could. Kross seemed to enjoy it and then he hit a massive side suplex on the 400 pounder.

Then Kross latched on an MMA style chokehold and Bahh passed out. The referee called for the bell and had to plead with Kross to get him to break the hold. Nice debut.

Winner: Killer Kross

Kross did a post-match beatdown and KM ran in to stop him but he took a chokehold too. Petey Williams ran down and grabbed a chair. He hit Kross twice but he no-sold the shots across his back. Williams hurled the chair at Kross' face and he just rolled out of the ring smiling away.

- Jimmy Jacobs cut a backstage interview for Kongo Kong who stood behind him looking scary. They directed their attention to Brian Cage and he said Cage isn't a Machine, but just a man. He said he wants the whole world to see what Brian Cage really is... and Jacobs is a princess which means he always gets what he wants.

- They showed a flashback Slammiversary moment with RVD vs Sting from 2010 where RVD retained his TNA Championship against Stinger.

- Desi Hit Squad were celebrating backstage until Gama Singh walked in and told them that he will help guide them to victory.

Su Yung and Undead Bridesmaid vs Madison Rayne and Allie
Su got to pick her Undead Maid Of Honor to tag with for this match and she had several to choose from. Allie and Raye started things out by taking control with some stereo Thesz Presses and sliding forearms to the outside while Yung and her Bridesmaid were laying against the ropes.

Once they sorted things out, Allie punished the Undead Bridesmaid for a bit. Yung grabbed Allie's hair and distracted her so the Bridesmaid could take advantage. They hit a double team move on Allie and got a near fall.

Yung got in the ring and screamed in Allie's face before throwing her across the ring. Yung wrapped Allie up in a submission hold until the former Knockouts Champion got out of it and landed a clothesline on the current Knockouts Champion. Rayne took a tag and so did a Bridesmaid. Then Rayne kicked her in the head and hit the Chance Of Rayne.

Madison didn't go for the pin. Instead, the Undead Bridesmaids dragged her outside and Allie hit a dive on them. Yung went for the Panic Switch and hit the referee with Madison's legs. Then she hit the Cross Rayne but the referee wasn't able to make the count.

Suddenly, Tessa Blanchard ran down and hit Madison with a forearm and then pummeled her while the referee rubbed his eyes in the corner. Allie jumped in and hit a big boot on Tessa that sent her out of the ring. She sent Tessa against the guardrail on the outside as the match was still going on.

Madison Rayne hit the Cross Rayne on Su Yung for the win after getting out of another Panic Switch.

Winners: Madison Rayne and Allie

- LAX were gathered backstage talking about loyalty.

- Desi Hit Squad were going through some grueling training while Gama Singh yelled at them. They did pushups in the rain and had to run while some dude held an umbrella over Singh.

- Callihan and oVe cut a cell phone video promo while Callihan had Penta's mask on until he took it off because he said it "smells like so much bulls--t." He said Pentagon ruins everything so next week they're going to have a six-man tag match and he'll be lucky if everyone loses their mask and Callihan might just take Swann's entire face. They're for Ohio, by Ohio and they're taking over everything.

- They aired a video for Austin Aries where he said unlike Moose, A Double didn't fail at his first career choice. He then told his story of how he started pro wrestling because it was his destiny. It was what he was born to do. He said he had to sleep in his car and sacrifice because it's what he had to do. Then he said Moose was a bluechipper who had teachers fudge his grades for him because he was a star athlete.

Aries said Moose doesn't have to think, he just has to do and pro wrestling is a thinking man's game. Aries said after he's finished with Moose he better hope the XFL needs a "s--tty offensive lineman."

- Konnan was talking on his cell phone saying the war games were about to begin.

- Tommy Dreamer cut a promo while still covered in blood after his attack from Eddie Edwards. He wasn't happy. He said he's learned from his mistakes and he was told by Dusty Rhodes when he fell on hard times. He said Edwards is throwing his career away over an obsession with Callihan.

Dreamer said he didn't want to go home to his daughters with a busted face and have to be asked what happened. He said he never wanted that, he just wants to help teach people how to get to the next level because people did the same for him. He dropped the f-bomb a few times and said nobody does this to him on his show.

-They booked a House Of Hardcore Rules Match for Slammiversary between Eddie Edwards and Tommy Dreamer.

Katarina (with Grado) vs Rebel

They traded some moves until Rebel took control. She slammed Katarina's face against the mat and lifted her up for a while before dumping her to the mat for a two count.

Katarina went for a tornado DDT off the top rope and "she didn't quite catch all of that." Then Katarina jumped off the top rope and missed so Rebel took control.

Rebel went for a suplex but Katarina slipped out and hit a backbreaker for the win. After the match was over, Grado danced for a bit and he fell out of the ring while jumping down off the apron.

Winner: Katarina

-Grado was very excited backstage and Katarina said she had a surprise for him. Suddenly, Joe Hendry was there singing about how he makes things better for Impact Wrestling. Henry made Grado's day seeing his best friend in Impact Wrestling and they all hugged and jumped.

Kongo Kong vs Brian Cage

Kongo Kong and Cage started out fast with several reversals. Cage went for a rana and Kong sold it but it was noted "he didn't get all of it." Kong went to the outside and Cage hit a flip to the floor.

Once they got inside, Kong hit a belly-to-belly and a splash in the corner. He mounted Cage to lay in some punches but Cage grabbed him and Kong hit a rana for a near fall.

Cage nailed a kick and caught a cross body block to slam Kongo down. Cage nailed a 6-1-9 and a running forearm in the corner followed by a German suplex for a two count.

Kong reversed out of whatever Cage was trying and nailed a headbutt and a chokeslam for another two count. Jimmy Jacobs remained a princess on the outside as Kong climbed up to the top rope, but Cage climbed up to join him. Cage grabbed Kong and hit a big superplex before hitting Weapon X for the win.

Winner: Brian Cage

-Konnan came out to explain who took him out at Redemption. Huge LAX chants kept Konnan from starting right away. He said he needed to talk to King, so they came out and we heard the same entrance again with the rest of LAX this time.

Konnan said he's not so mad King put a hit out on him, but what upset him is he was the guy who bailed him out of jail when he had "wifey problems" he helped make him and give him his first $100,000 and then he betrayed him.

King asked where Konnan's proof is and Konnan said those phone calls never happened from the hospital. Konnan called him a "walking, talking glory hole" and it got some "glory hole" chants from the crowd. Konnan called him a "punk ass b---h" then and now.

King snapped and admitted he did it. He said he put a hit out on him and Konnan needs to go out into the sunset before he gets shot in the back of the head like Ole Yeller. King said he was the future and the rest of LAX gave him the finger.

Konnan said he didn't get the job done and then King said, "didn't I?" Suddenly Homicide and Hernandez jumped Konnan and the rest of LAX. These LAX OGs did a proper beatdown and made their presence known while the crowd chanted for Homicide.

The LAX OGs draped flags over the other LAX members and King said they are LAX 5150. The crowd booed heavily while the heel LAX left the ring.


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