Impact Wrestling Results (7/12): DeAngelo Williams Takes Chair Shot, Lucha Rules 6-Man Tag Match

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- On last week's episode: Brian Cage defeated Kongo Kong in the main event war, Fenix was victorious over Rich Swann, and we finally saw the debut of Killer Kross. LAX split into two different factions now as Conan leads his troops and King brought back Hernandez and Homicide to form The OGs.

The OGs vs Silver Smith and Lee

Homicide and Hernandez aligned themselves with King last week and formed The OGs. They started this match very fast and didn't give their opponents room to breath at all.

It wasn't very long until Hernandez hit a Border Toss and picked up the win. This was a very quick match but it sent a message.

Winners: The OGs

- After the match was over, King cut a promo on Konnan and said it's not his time anymore. They appreciate him but he needs to hit the road. King said he got tired of waiting but he gives Konnan credit so he decided to stay two steps ahead. That's where The OGs come in. He said Homicide was left in a Mexican strip club collecting roaches and Hernandez was stuck at home as Konnan started the new LAX. He said they're multi-time tag team champions, but they don't care about titles right now. They only care about teaching LAX a lesson and then he announced a 5150 Street Fight for Slammiversary.

- Shotzi Blackheart said she's ready to roll and "this mango is ready to tango." She said Allie is her target, asked "who's your daddy?" and howled like a wolf before leaving.

- Sami Callihan and oVe cut a promo on their opponents tonight. He said they do the best six-man tag matches ever. He's going to take Pentagon's mask because they are for Ohio by Ohio and they're taking over everything.

Shotzi Blackheart vs Allie

Blackheart is from Rise and chosen after a recent seminar. They traded some armdrags before Allie took Shotzi down with a shoulder block. Blackheart countered with a leg submission and bridged herself over Allie to bring her weight down on the former Knockouts Champion.

Blackheart and Allie traded slaps to the chest and Allie nailed a sliding elbow before missing a dropkick in the corner. It looked like a dropkick. Blackheart turned thing around and kept the pressure on Allie with a headlock and a combination of knees and kicks for a two count.

Allie tried to fight back but Shotzi hit a neckbreaker for another near fall. She got Allie up and laid in another forearm then she climbed up top where she missed a dropkick as Allie sidestepped her.

Allie hit a few moves and a missile dropkick in the corner followed by a German suplex for another two count. Blackheart created some separation and climbed up top, but she missed another dive. Allie hit the codebreaker and that was all she wrote.

Winner: Allie

- Tessa Blanchard jumped Allie as she walked up the ramp. She did the same thing to Madison Rayne. Blanchard threw Allie in the ring and landed a hammerlock DDT to leave Alie laying on he mat. Tessa posed over Allie as her music played for a minute before leaving.

- Grado was backstage and he was still happy to have Joe Hendry around. Eli Drake tried to pick up Grado's girl Katarina and he didn't like that. Drake "I don't wanna wrestle him, I wanna wrestle her. Yeah."

- Tessa cut a backstage promo and said her main focus is the Knockouts Championship. Madison Rayne got in her way and when she was handling business, here comes Allie. She said Allie doing the right thing hasn't gotten her anywhere. It got her best friend killed and she ended up in a coffin. She's going to teach Allie that doing the right thing was the wrong thing for her.

- They aired a video for an upcoming Knockout's debut.

- Austin Aries cut a backstage promo. He talked about how Moose is in an undisclosed location to refine his techniques. Austin circled the 22nd on his calendar and he can't wait to meet DeAngelo Williams either.

- They aired a Slammiversary moment between Taryn Terrell and Gail Kim in a Last Knockout Standing Match. Terrell hit a running bulldog off the ramp that led all the way up to the ring. Taryn got to her feet first to win the match at Slammiversary XI.

- Josh Mathews was in the ring he brought up Austin Aries vs Moose. Then DeAngelo Williams came out and slapped as many hands as he could and he hugged a woman at ringside too. He said he never thought he'd be back in the ring and he's been training with Moose but he's not telling where.

He said Moose has lost weight and put on muscle. Then he called Aries trash before showing some clips of Moose training for Slammiversary. Williams said everything Moose has lived for, everything he's done he's ready to take on "Austin Crybabies." Then Aries came out and he didn't look impressed.

A Double took the microphone and said "thank you but I know my name" when the crowd chanted his name. He talked down to Williams and mocked his clothing choice. He asked if training camp was going on and then brought up how nobody signed him this year and he was forced to retire.

He made fun of him for never winning a Super Bowl and said he's stepping in his ring to try and stay relevant. Aries told Williams to deliver a message to Moose before punching him and stomping him to the mat. Aries got a chair next, but William ducked under tha chairshot, landed a kick to the stomach and picked up the chair. Aries landed a low blow kick to Williams before he could hit him. Then Aries whacked DeAngelo Williams across the back with a chair.

Eli Drake vs Grado

Drake took Grado down from the jump and kept on him for a bit while Grado sold the attack. Eli nailed a neckbreaker and some elbows in the corner.

Grado hit a rana and a back body drop followed by a punching combination. Grado nailed a splash in the corner and took down both straps on his singlet before Drake took him down and nailed the Gravy Train for the win.

Winner: Eli Drake

-After the match was over, Eli tried to hit on Katarina and Hendry got in the middle of things. Then Eli accused Hendry and Katarina for having something before walking off.

- Killer Kross cut a very intense interview. He wasn't happy about Petey Williams for interjecting himself in a situation he had nothing to do with last week. He called him Peter as he said he will find him again and squeeze the oxygen out of his skull. "Everybody pays the toll."

- Matt Sydal was interviewed backstage. He talked about being outmatched against Brian Cage. He said it's a mismatch in his favor. He said Cage sees things as mechanical but Sydal sees things organically. He said everything he's done in wrestling is beating guys who are bigger than him. His third eye will be his advantage because he has a mental and spiritual advantage. The X-Division Championship has attached itself to him and it's not going anywhere.

- They booked Tessa Blanchard vs Allie at Slammiversary.

- Moose commented about what happened to DeAngelo and he's not happy. He delivered an audio message saying next week he'll be in the Impact Zone and he invited Aries to step up man-to-man. Because "payback's a b---h, b---h!"

- Madison Rayne did a sit-down interview backstage where she hyped the Knockouts Championship match at Slammiversary. Then things got all creepy and Rayne walked off. She looked down the hall but nobody was there, the music became suspenseful and all of a sudden she saw someone had carved out "the time has tome" on a sheet.

Then it took a turn into a horror movie for a bit as Rayne ran down a hallway and tried to get into a door but it was locked. Creepy stuff.

oVe and Sami Callihan vs Pentagon Jr, Fenix, and Rich Swann

This was tornado style so with no tags and these six guys anything is possible. They got started slow with some trading of taunts between Callihan and Pentagon. Cero Miedo won in the end and then everyone started kicking each other.

Fenix and Pentagon used their quick style to hit several tandem moves on both Crist Brothers. It was all innovative and the kind of thing you can expect from the Lucha Brothers. Sami hit a low blow on Penta and tossed him to the corner. Then Fenix took an exploder suplex onto his brother from Sami.

Dave got Rich up and superplexed him on everyone on the outside next and "this is awesome" chants broke out.

Callihan trapped Fenix in the corner for a bit and abused him with some strikes. Then he placed the luchador on the top rope. Jake Crist joined and so did Penta. Soon everyone was there and they set up a tower of doom with Jake Crist on the bottom for a two count.

Jake and Fenix fought on the top rope and Jake fell down so Fenix could hit a Swanton bomb. Dave caught Fenix with a Square and Compass and Swann took Dave out after that. Callihan hit a piledriver put Penta broke up the pinfall.

Callihan and Penta traded chops to the chest until Penta hit a Pentagon Driver. 1-2-kick out. Callihan kicked out of Pentagon's finisher. Callihan shot himself off the ropes but Penta hit a cutter. Then Dave hit a cutter off the second rope that was more of an RKO. Callihan hit a Cutter and then Rich hit a double cutter on Dave and Sami. Rich and Jake jumped off the top rope at the same time on opposite sides of the ring and Jake hit him with a super cutter before Swann could land on Sami.

The Lucha Brothers hit double superkicks on Sami and they hit a double team finsiher which was a Fear Factor from Penta with some help from Fenix on Callihan but he kicked out. Penta hit a Fear Factor on the apron on Crist and took him out.

Callihan took a backkick to the face from Swann and he climbed up top but Sami stopped him. They started battling on the top and Swann tried to rana him but Callihan stopped him and hit a powerbomb. Then Callihan hit the Get Out Of Here for the win.

Winners: oVe and Sami Callihan

- We go back to Madison Rayne who is still trying to get that door open. She opens it and is now in the middle of a forest. She walks through because why not? Su Yung is seen walking and Rayne looks scared. The backs up into a tree and gets startled and runs. Then Undead Bridesmaids surrounded her and started to close in while Madison looked terrified.

Suddenly, everyone was gone and Rayne was just in the middle of a field by herself. Su Yung appeared behind her and as soon as Madison saw her, Su nailed her with a palm strike to cover the camera lens and end the show.


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