Jerry Lawler Says There May Be "More Than Meets The Eye" Regarding Brian Christopher's Suicide

Brian Christopher passed away on July 29th. His father, WWE Hall of Famer Jerry "The King" Lawler, was able to make it back to be with his son during his final moments.

Christopher was arrested on July 7th on charges of DUI and evading arrest. He was incarcerated and held in isolation due to his name notoriety. On Sunday morning, Christopher was found hanging in his jail cell and rushed to nearby Regional One Hospital after initial attempts to resuscitate were not successful.


Jerry Lawler rushed back to Memphis from Raleigh North Carolina so he could be with his son. Lawler told Memphis' Fox 13 news' Zach Crenshaw that he was glad to hold his son's hand when his heart stopped beating.

Lawler also expressed his appreciation for the thousands of supportive messages his family has received since the tragedy.

The Hardeman County Jail where Christopher hung himself is under investigation by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. Lawler spoke only briefly concerning the investigation saying, "There may be more to this than meets the eye." Lawler said he could not comment further on the investigation because TBI investigators called him and requested that he not divulge any information until the investigation is complete.


Visitation and funeral services for Christopher will take place on Friday at Hope Church in Memphis, Tennessee at 2:00 pm.